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Fans globally are waiting for Lookism Season 2. This popular manhwa was adapted into anime in 2022, and when it came out, it quickly became a blockbuster hit. Fans loved this adaptation, which is, so far, the best manhwa adapted into anime. But is there going to be Lookism Season 2? Well, the first season left several loose ends to explore, and considering this, fans are hoping for the next season. However, considering the series had a conclusive ending, things are a bit uncertain regarding the future of the series. So will it happen? Well, we have bittersweet news for anime enthusiasts. So keep reading to know that.

Lookism, created by Park Tae-Joon, is a comedy-drama Manhwa series that started in 2014. The manhwa started serialized by Daewon and Book, and it also received a Chinese television show. Lookism has over 8.5 billion views globally, making it one of the most popular manhwa. But soon, the audience received another surprise. The anime adaption came out in December 2022, and the audience well received it. But will Lookism return with a new season? We have gathered all the information related to Lookism Season 2. So, keep scrolling.

Lookism Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled?

As of now, fans of Lookism Anime eagerly await any official announcements regarding the renewal of the show for a second season. While there has been no confirmation from the production company or any reputable sources, enthusiasts continue to stay patiently hopeful. The first season of Lookism captivated viewers with its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and stunning animation.

The series delved into essential themes such as discrimination based on appearance and the journey of self-acceptance. With its unique blend of drama, comedy, and social commentary, Lookism garnered a devoted fan base. Given its popularity and rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, it is natural for fans to anticipate another installment of this captivating story. But Netflix is yet to announce Lookism Season 2. Since the story met its conclusion in the finale, the chances of its return are quite low. Yet, there’s a thin chance of its return.

Lookism Season 2
Credit- Netflix/Studio Mir

Which Studio Animated Lookism?

South Korean animation studio Studio Mir, founded in 2010, has quickly become a significant player in the global animation industry. With an impressive portfolio of critically acclaimed and visually stunning works, Studio Mir has become known for its exceptional storytelling capabilities and attention to detail. Notably, the studio gained international recognition with its position on the top-rated American animated series “The Legend of Korra,” a spin-off of “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

This collaboration highlighted Studio Mir’s ability to seamlessly blend Eastern and Western artistic styles, captivating audiences worldwide. Building upon their success, the studio has since produced other prominent projects such as “Voltron: Legendary Defender” and “Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts.”

No doubt, Studio Mir continues to push boundaries in animation technology and artistic innovation, solidifying their reputation as one of South Korea’s most reputable and influential animation studios globally. The studio hasn’t made it official whether they will animate the next season of Lookism or not. But since the show has been a hit, it’s safe to say that the studio will retake the project. Besides this, the studio also hasn’t made it official if the show has been canceled or not.

Credit- Netflix/Studio Mir

Is Lookism Manhwa Completed?

Lookism manhwa was created by Park Tae-Joon in 2014. The manhwa is still ongoing and so far has 20 complete volumes. The series was also adapted by a Chinese television show that had 38 episodes. Lookism Manhwa is globally famous, and fans worldwide love reading it. Manhwa hasn’t received a webtoon or manga adaption, but maybe shortly, it will be adapted into other things, too. Hence, Lookism Manhwa might not end soon. In fact, there is still some time left before the series finally concludes.

Credit- Netflix/Studio Mir

Lookism Season 2: Plot Details

“Lookism” is a captivating anime series that delves into the social issues surrounding appearance and discrimination. The plot revolves around an ordinary high school student named Park Hyung Suk, who has been constantly bullied due to his unremarkable looks. However, everything changes when he mysteriously wakes up in the body of a strikingly handsome model named Lee Jin Sung. As Park navigates through his newfound appearance privilege, he encounters various characters dealing with their insecurities and biases based on physical appearance.

This thought-provoking anime tackles complex themes such as identity, self-acceptance, and societal expectations. By highlighting the consequences of lookism, it urges viewers to introspect about their prejudices and challenges prevailing beauty standards in society. With its rich character development and compelling storyline, Lookism offers an engaging narrative that leaves a lasting impact on its audience while promoting empathy for those often marginalized due to their looks.

Credit- Netflix/Studio Mir

In the last episode of Lookism, Hyeong-Seok and Deok-Hwa were nervous about singing as they participated in the singing competition. However, after gathering all their courage, they sang their hearts out, leaving everybody stunned and amazed. Later, Hyeong-Seok’s popularity increased, and he was even offered to become a professional singer. But Deok-Hwa wasn’t acknowledged by the people, which made him sad. The official plot for season 2 hasn’t been announced. It’s also not sure if the anime will follow Manhwa in the proper order, so fans need to wait for it.

Lookism Season 2 Cast & Production Team

Anime voice actors are professionals who lend their voices to characters in anime. These individuals play a crucial role in bringing these fictional characters to life, effectively conveying their emotions, personalities, and nuances through their vocal performances. Looksim Season 2 cast will be as follows.

  • Matsuoka Yoshitsugu as Park Hyung Suk 
  • Takeuchi Shunsuke as Lee Eun Tae
  • Urata Wataru as Lee Jin Sung
  • Aoyama Reina as Choi Soo Jung
  • Hayami Saori as Park Ha-Neul
  • Rossatto Raphael as Park Jong Gun

An anime production team refers to professionals responsible for bringing an anime series or film to life. This team typically consists of various individuals, each with their specific roles and responsibilities. The production team for Season 2 hasn’t been announced, so look at the production team for Season 1.

  • Kwang Il Han as Director 
  • Alves Natália as ADR Director 
  • Han Kyung-Hoon as Music charge
  • Tostain Erwan as ADR Director 
  • ATEEZ as Theme Song Performer
Credit- Netflix/Studio Mir

Lookism Season 2: Release Date 

So, here’s the scoop on Lookism Season 2. While there’s no official release date announced just yet, fans eagerly anticipate some news by the end of 2023. As many of you know, Lookism is a hugely popular South Korean webtoon-turned-drama series that follows the story of Park Hyung-Seok, who gains a new lease on life after magically switching bodies with someone else. In the first season, they left us with many unanswered questions and exciting plotlines to explore.

With its relatable characters, gripping storyline, and thought-provoking themes of self-image and personal growth, it’s no wonder fans can’t wait for more. Rest assured that as soon as any news breaks about Season 2’s release date or production updates, we’ll update you. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed for an epic Lookism Season 2 filled with thrills and surprises. Fans can also watch the show on Netflix till the next season comes out. For more anime content, visit The Anime Daily.