Dragon Ball Super Rumor Suggests a Weekly Anime Is in the Works

If anime fans have learned anything this year, it is that Dragon Ball never dies. The anime roared back to life a few months back thanks to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, after all. With nearly $100 million at the box office, our heroes have shown the world they’re very bankable, and this comes years after Dragon Ball’s last TV anime ended. But if a new rumor is right, then it seems a weekly anime is on the horizon.

The rumor in question is starting to take off on social media, and it comes courtesy of reputable fan sites like DBS2019 and Chronicles. The pages caught the eyes of fans with posts claiming a new Dragon Ball weekly anime is in the works. The report suggests planning is already underway on the project, and Dragon Ball hopes to announce it this winter.

Another Day, Another Rumor

Of course, this report is just a rumor, and no official word has been given on Dragon Ball’s return. Toei Animation has kept mum on the topic, but that has not kept netizens quiet. In fact, dozens of rumors concerning Dragon Ball’s return have gone live since its last TV series closed. But in the wake of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, fans are more hopeful than ever about a new anime.

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After all, this latest rumor comes shortly after similar reports hit social media this summer. Several fan sites claimed to have heard from sources about a Dragon Ball web anime, after all. The rumor then suggested the IP was developing a web series for filler content and side stories. With each episode lasting under 25 minutes, the web series would pave the way for full Dragon Ball comeback, but no confirmation was ever given on the rumor. Now, a new report has gone live riffing off this previous tease while fans are all the while pleading for Goku’s small-screen return.

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