End Of Spoil Arc! Will Fuuko & Andy Come Together? WATCH HERE

After Fuuko saves the entire universe from Victor’s rage, the Undead Unluck Universe will see some calmness. There’s no denying that the previous episode was a rollercoaster ride. A lot has happened, and to make things in their favor, Fuuko has made grave efforts, leaving her fate up in the air. However, Undead Unluck Episode 10 will see another challenging situation. The group will now face the most powerful being in this universe. While it appears to be a pleasant encounter, the latest stills hint at the dark fate of the group members. Are they safe? Keep reading to know that.

Undead Unluck Episode 10: Stills Hints At To The Doodm’s Day!

After completing the quest, the team heads to see Apocalypse, who’s waiting to announce the results. However, Undead Unluck Episode 10, titled “Results,” hints that the situation won’t be in the group’s favor. Although they finished the assigned adventure per the demand, the Undead Unluck universe wasn’t satisfied with their efforts. It will indeed shed light on this universe’s rules and secrets that Negator’s supernatural powers hold. While the results are about to be out, they will indeed play a crucial role in the travelers’ lives.

This is because this result will determine Fuuko’s, Andy’s, and others’ fate in this universe. Well, Undead Unluck Episode 10 will put an end to the Spoil Arc. So, it will finally reveal what’s new is waiting for Fukko and Andy. Besides this, the episode is expected to focus deeply on their relationship. Well, the previous episode has finally teased the spark between them. So, it is expected that Andy will make more effort to show his feelings to Fuuko. However, it will take longer than anticipated, as Andy won’t confess this too easily.

A Quick Recap!

After Shen summoned the rest of the Roundtable in the previous episode, they began fighting Victor. However, Juiz ordered Top to keep Shen and Fuuko away from this battle. But Fuuko refused to stay out of this fight and eventually convinced everyone to let her back them. Shen then gave her a gun and Andy’s card to help her in this fight. Surprisingly, she grabbed Victor with her bare chest, planning to provoke him, leading to a massive stroke of Unluck. Amid this, she tried to bring Andy back. While she was trying her best to distract Victor, the Roundtable moved closer to protect her.

Undead Unluck Episode 10
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Fortunately, Fuuko managed to bring Andy back temporarily by shooting him and covering the open wound with her thumb. Amid such a situation, Andy kissed Fuuko, triggering a massive Unluck that could destroy the entire town with a meteor swarm. With such a mishap, everyone ran away from the blast. But Fuuko stayed and jammed the card onto Andy’s head. A week later, she woke up in the hospital, where Andy was taking care of her. He told her that the children she had saved were fine. Andy and Fuuko later joined their team, where the results of their quest were about to be announced.

Undead Unluck Episode 10: Release Date

The upcoming episode, titled “Results,” will ultimately focus on the massive blow. Will it be in the group’s favor? You will learn it on Undead Unluck Episode 10, which will air on December 8, 2023, at 1:28 am JST. It will be available on the local Japanese network, such as MBS/TBS. Meanwhile, global audiences can binge-watch anime on Disney+, Hulu, and Bahamut Anime Crazy. It follows a weekly release pattern. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.