Hatsune Miku Project Diva MegaMix DLC Bundle 3/MegaMix+ Extra Song Pack Review

With the release and ongoing support of Hatsune Miku’s mobile game Project Sekai (Colorful Palette in the West), mainline series fans have been left wondering if Miku has seen her last appearance on consoles.

When the Steam version of MegaMix+ arrived earlier this year, it came with an unexpected surprise—a brand-new DLC pack with a staggering 72 songs! Just two short months later, and Nintendo Switch players have been treated to the same DLC, branded as “DLC Bundle 3” to match the previous two DLC installments.

Join us today on Honey’s Anime as we review this new DLC for Hatsune Miku Project Diva MegaMix!

DLC Bundle 3 (or Extra Song Pack, for our PC players) comes packed with 72 tunes from the 2017 title Project Diva Future Tone. Including fan-favorites like “Senbonzakura,” “Dramaturgy,” “Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder,” “Iroha Uta” and more, there’s plenty of old-school Miku to groove to!

With this latest DLC pack, Project Diva MegaMix has increased its song roster to a whopping 250 songs. If you’re playing on Nintendo Switch, you can buy the new DLC in various smaller packs, although it’s cheaper overall to purchase the bundle. Either way, this is great value for money compared to the previous DLC, and just rhythm game DLC in general.

Gameplay remains as snappy as ever on our Nintendo Switch OLED, although we’ve heard that there are still some stuttering issues on the Steam version of the game, likely due to the Denuvo DRM.

Almost all of the music videos have been remade for MegaMix, so your customized characters will be perfectly preserved and looking their best. There’s so much new content that you’ll need to clear out a hefty amount of storage—the DLC clocks in at 20GB of new songs and videos!

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