Hell’s Paradise Episode 8 | AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog


Even though I already knew what will happen, it’s still painful to watch this episode! I remember well when I read the manga, never I expected that Tenza would die this early in the series. I had looked forward to see more of Tenza and Nurugai’s dynamic, and yet the mangaka just had to end it in such a tragic heroic way! Why must they do this when I’m starting to like Tenza?! It almost felt like watching Rengoku’s death all over again, only Tenza’s hit much harder for me. That scene of Tenza and Nurugai marrying made it even more painful. It’s like seeing a future they wished for but couldn’t have.

Honestly, I’m super irritated when Tenza was killed off for the sake of pairing Nurugai and Shion as partners instead and also to change Shion’s mind about the criminals they’re watching over. Shion was Tenza’s senior and teacher, and he’s a bit similar to Sagiri in regards to following the rule. He’s tasked with watching over the criminal Akaginu, the woman from the early episodes before whom Shion ended up killed after she tried to seduce him. Thanks to this, his already bad opinion about the criminals worsened and he suggested to kill Nurugai, which of course Tenza refused to do. Ugh, I really love how Tenza was protective of Nurugai, even if it means facing against his own teacher whom he cared and admired. No matter how much he respected Shion, Tenza still steadfast in what he believes in and willing to stand up to his teacher for it. Why must such a good character like him die now…?

But I also can’t blame Shion for his suggestion. Not all the criminals are good or reasonable people like Gabimaru, Gantetsusai, Yuzuriha, and Nurugai. Criminals like Rokurota and Akaginu better be executed immediately rather than being pardoned. They were criminals beyond saving and it’s only right for Shion to think it’s better that they die so nobody will get hurt by them again. However, Shion simply judge them for being labeled as criminals but not as a person. Because of this, it took Tenza’s sacrifice for Shion to see that Nurugai was not the same criminal as Akaginu. Because his student sacrificed himself to allow them to escape, Shion would have no choice but to honor his student’s last wish for him to take care of Nurugai and so interaction between them is unavoidable. In a way, Nurugai has similarities with Tenza, only she’s more innocent and not the type who’s smart enough to come up with a scheme. Her straightforward sincerity will clash against Shion’s serious and stern disposition that’ll slowly open the Asaemon’s closed heart.

We’re introduced to another Tensen that earned my hatred for what they did to Tenza. Compared to the previous two Tensens, I don’t like this one’s attitude and design. I’ll gladly wait for the day I can see his demise.

This episode is truly a big hit of emotions… Tenza, may your soul rest in peace! (TToTT)