Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun S2 Ep 6

Gonna be real with you guys: This episode was super uncomfortable to watch, and that was all because of Aoi. She has no remorse whatsoever for what she has done because she feels like her actions was justified. You could tell she was getting irritated with the fact Fumiya told her she took it a step too far, and she even admitted that it was revenge. But revenge for Tama? Yeah no. Absolutely not. It was revenge for whatever happened in the past. And we know for a fact that if Tama heard this entire conversation, she would be incredibly disappointed in Aoi.

And don’t even get me started on the hypocrisy of ‘doing it for Tama’ but turning a blind eye to  Hirabayashi’s suffering because ‘she didn’t do anything to help herself’ bullshit.

If you thought it couldn’t get more disturbing, somehow it did: Aoi suddenly decides that it’s time for Fumiya to find someone to date…And she starts listing out of the people, and guess who’s among them? Yuzu. Fumiya rightfully responded with: WHY IS SHE EVEN ON THE LIST?! And what does Aoi say? “There’s no rule to saying you can’t go after someone who’s attached”. LIKE WHAT IN THE WORLD IS WRONG WITH YOU AOI!?!?! I can’t believe she had the audacity to even suggest that despite surely knowing all too well of the potential consequences of such a ridiculous choice.

And as though that wasn’t already bad enough, guess what? She wants him to date two people at the same time!

“WAIT WHAT. SHE’S SAYING DATE TWO PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME?!?!?! Holy crap, Aoi needs to stop!” was my exact reaction to that. She claims throwing the girls in a tizzy is part of the process of gaining confidence, juggling between two to have a backup and all that– UM, HOW ABOUT NO!!!!!

It truly left me speechless, because the freaking audacity for her to say that. This is yet another instance where Fumiya really needs to put his foot down and draw a very deep line, because as we have learned these past weeks: Aoi has no conscience whatsoever, and it’s really distressing to watch.  They are merely pawns to serve for her own gain. Once she feels they no longer are to use to her, she’ll discard them, just as she had tried to do with Fumiya last season when his morals clashed with her apparently non-existent ones. And frankly it has gotten to a point that it’s so alarming, that I feel it’d be just better for Fumiya to get away from her. Just… stick with Minami, Tama and Fuuka… They aren’t toxic like this…

Speaking of Fuuka: I can’t tell you how freaking relieved I was when we finally got her scene because at that point I was so mentally exhausted from listening to Aoi, that Fuuka ‘purified the air’ so to speak. She is so precious, and the way she shyly brought up she had written another novel and wanted Fumiya to read it— HNNNNGG MY HEART! PROTECT FUUKA AT ALL COST!

That’s why this next mission that Aoi has set Fumiya on is making me really worried because I don’t want to see Fuuka get hurt. SO FUMIYA PLEASE DON’T BE STUPID ABOUT THIS. YOU USED YOUR HEAD AND NAVIGATED YOURSELF WITH A MORAL COMPASS BEFORE, NOW DO IT AGAIN! Ugh this kind of shit stresses me out.

Additionally, considering how shy Fuuka is, I don’t know if she’d even be comfortable with taking selfies with Fumiya. It might’ve been okay if it were just between them, but something that’d get uploaded to Pinstagram that starts of private, but will probably go public once it’s not longer barren is something else entirely.

Oh yeah before I forget, Fumiya and Fuuka did end up discussing Aoi’s actions this week. It was nice to see since we didn’t see too much of her reaction during the whole ordeal, but she definitely nailed it on the head. Aoi was acting off, like the anger was coming somewhere inside of her, that she couldn’t forgive anyone for it. Honestly it’s quite remarkable on on the ball Fuuka can be when it comes to analyzing her.

And finally before I wrap this up: Poor Fumiya was trying so hard to get a selfie with the guys. I feel like Mizusawa caught onto what Fumiya needed to do and help nudge Shuji into agreeing since Takei had already agreed to it with a great sense of humour. Also on a side note: I will say though, I definitely didn’t expect all four of them (or rather, Shuji specifically) to get involved with the Culture Festival. It will be an interesting dynamic considering Minami and Yuzu also volunteered to be part of the class’ committee.