Jaku-Chara Tomozaki-kun S2 Ep 8

Boy I knew this culture festival was going to be anything but a simple one, but I certainly didn’t expect a confession to happen this early on! Because DAMNNNNNN~ LOOK AT MINAMI GO!

After seeing his friendship with Fuuka, and hearing about Gumi his coworker, Minami wasn’t about to twiddle her thumbs to wait and see what happens, and decided to confess to Fumiya! It’s almost ironic the timing of this to happen, considering Fumiya had just opened up to Fuuka about how he feels like he’s not qualified to ask anyone out, much less expects to be chose. And yet lo and behold, shortly after Minami drops the confession bomb on him and he’s so bewildered by it he has no idea how to respond.

The question now is, will he accept her feelings? As much as I adore Fuuka, I also like Minami a lot, so it’s fair to say I don’t want to see either one of them get hurt. But in situation, someone is bound to be because only one can be chosen– unless there were to be a break up in the future, but that still means breaking one’s heart. The main thing right now is that even though he has received a confession when he least expected it, it doesn’t mean his insecurity about his inferiority magically disappears. In fact, if anything, this just puts even more pressure on him, because now he can’t ignore it and put off having to make a choice.

Speaking of which, I do find it rather interesting how Fuuka’s struggle with her characters at the moment almost Fumiya’s in a way of making a choice of how they want to go about approaching a relationship. Fuuka isn’t sure whether it would be best for the story to either have neither characters end up with anyone, or choose one over the other to be the end game. But when she asked Fumiya about what he would do if he had to make a choice between two people, he ended up opening up how he’s not in the position to make that choice in the first place, nor expects to be chosen. It shines a line on the fact, despite the great strides he has made in become a more out-going person, Fumiya still harbours a low self-esteem. He doesn’t see himself as an amazing guy like the others do. That was another reason why it made him kind of happy to receive validations from others of his improvements.

But what this goes to show is just how much Fumiya trusts Fuuka to share his insecurity with her. Well, to begin with, apart from Aoi, Fuuka was also the first person he decided to just show his true and unrefined true self to. He feels safe enough to know she won’t judge him for it, allowing him to explain this kind of topic is difficult for him. It’s important to note, this is a part of him he hasn’t opened up to Aoi about, and is also the underlining reason why he has been deliberately postponing of selecting anyone for that matter.

I do wonder how this confession will follow because it does feel like Fumiya is unconsciously attracted to Fuuka (and vice versa) as the two of them were pretty flustered around each other when it came to taking a selfie together. (Honestly I was a bit surprised that Fuuka agreed in the first place, but I will commend her for her efforts of stepping outside of her comfort zone, but I digress). While I am heavily biased in favour of Fuuka x Fumiya, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t chemistry between Minami and Fumiya either. The question now is whether he’s willing to try to explore that or not. Perhaps the comedy skit he has promised to do with her will shine some light on that. (Though I do hope he’s not spreading himself too thin with how much grounds he gotta cover for the festival).

And finally last point, I’m gonna be completely real with you: While Mizusawa was trying to help Fumiya out by teaching him how to break the ice with girls, I gotta say his tactics were… not my cup of tea, to say the least. I found it a bit uncomfortable with the way he went on asking for their numbers to find his friend (standing behind him), and even had the guts to ask if he could take a bite out of their cotton candy. At that, I was like, “….. Seriously dude?” because that quite frankly, that just only made me think of him as a creep. So yeah, I wouldn’t recommend Fumiya to follow Mizusawa’s tactics, surely there are certainly more sincere ways to break the ice and get numbers. Stick to your guts Fumiya.