Japanese Women Turn Away From Western Feminism – Guess Why

As feminism spreads throughout the world, some anime and manga fans are worried that it would infest Japan and its entertainment like it has in the western world. One of the reasons why there was an anime BOOM during the pandemic of 2020 was because western entertainment has decided to add agendas to the story lines of movies, TV Shows and video games. Agendas such as feminism, LGBT and other left wing agendas that is making people leave western entertainment, especially comic books for anime and manga.

Many people have come to love Japanese culture and one of the many reasons is because Japan rejects ideas from the west that ruin loved franchises such as Star Wars once it was bought by Disney as well as Marvel Entertainment.

The following story explains why Feminism in Japan is failing and why young women are leaving it behind.

Japanese Feminism

A write by the name Raiden Bell (らいとのべる) published a personal article. She described why young women in Japanese are no longer supporting feminism. Raiden Bell says that one of the main reasons why women are leaving feminism in Japan is because feminism tends to attack other women, especially women with large breast. This is something that is very common in the western world. Feminist will attack and put down women with large breast or women who want to be married and be home makers for their husbands. As if to say, it is wrong for a woman to want traditional things.

Raiden Bell explains that not only do Japanese feminist put down other women but they also discourage Japanese women from taking part of their own sub cultures such as Moe Culture.

For those who don’t know. Moe Culture in Japanese is ideally about young and beautiful femininity, looking young and pretty and innocent.

Feminist often attack these things and encourage women to be more like men and become unattractive to men because they believe that masculinity is evil.

Raiden Bell talks about a sociologist and gender researcher from Musashi University The true nature of the malaise that young women have abandoning feminism. The researcher suggest that young women are leaving feminism because they don’t really understand it and that they can really go “hand in hand.” Raiden Bell disagrees with that article and says that it is impossible.

Raiden Bell is part of a large breast group of women and she is a lover of Moe Culture in Japan. She says that feminist are constantly trying to shut down Moe events which women love. These feminist groups would use advertisements advocating for gender equality and eliminating gender discrimination while shutting down events that women like. Ironic isn’t it. As for Moe events, feminist complained that the content was inappropriate because it highlights big breasted women.

Sounds like these feminist hate women more than they hate men.

Here is how one of those ads looked.

If you look at the image below, the image does not really reveal the women’s breast.

Raiden Bell says that these feminist would continue with their accusations saying things like “You can even have your breasts reduced surgically, but not doing so is selling your sex.”

Typical feminist talking points. They say that a women should be able to do whatever she wants with her body at the same time shaming women for having big breast.

Sounds like jealousy, doesn’t it.

Japanese Women Illustrate Most of the Manga

Raiden Bell gave some interesting numbers about women in the anime and manga industry. While feminist like to point fingers at Moe events where girls like to look pretty and innocent (which is a western Christian value), little do these feminist know that most of the Manga in the genres of Yaoi, Yuri and hentai are created by women.

Turns out that 70% of manga artist in Japan are women. So why are these female artist creating hentai that both men and women consume in Japan. It never occurs to feminist that while big breast are marketed towards men, women also LOVE big breast. Women like to look at other women’s breast just like men. Similar to how men like to look at other muscular men (this is not homosexual).

Raiden Bell also used the Uzaki Chan controversy which many anime fans know about. An Uzaki Chan poster was used for a blood donation campaign and many people tried to put it down. Then of course you had Adult Stars like Kaho Shibuya who defended Uzaki chan because Kaho is a big breast women.


Finally Raiden Bell said that why should Japanese women support feminism when it is bashing girl groups. These are her words

The reasons why “young girls” turn away from feminism are simple. Because there are reasons to oppose and there are no reasons to agree. Because it does not represent our interests. It is because it takes away our enjoyment

As you can see, feminism has the same effect where ever it goes. Eventually it ends up attacking other women or rationalizing horrible female behavior.

You can find this article at somoskudasai.com

Japanese feminism is failing and hopefully more Japanese people notice this as well.