Jast And NekoNyan Announce Joint Panel For Anime Weekend Atlanta; New Game Announcements And Project Updates Next Week

JAST USA and NekoNyan have announced they will both participate in the upcoming Anime Weekend Atlanta event. Both companies will have their own panels on October 28  (Jast’s at 6:30 ET and NekoNyan’s starts at 7:45 ET), where they should share project updates and some new announcements. The companies will also have a joint presentation discussing the eroge industry on October 29 at 8:45 ET.

While we have no idea what titles will be revealed, NekoNyan has already teased there will be 5 new titles. Last time, during Anime Central 2022, the company revealed six titles, including their first non-visual novel project, the third person shooter Lorena and the Land of Ruins. As such, while most games are likely to be their traditional moege VNs, it isn’t a total guarantee all of them will be.

Check out NekoNyan’s most recent announcements that are yet to be released:

Meanwhile, JAST hasn’t actually confirmed anything but their social media teased there might be announcements in their own panel. Earlier this year, the company was present at Anime Expo 2022, bringing various exciting projects with them, with Tokyo Necro being noteworthy in particular, but curious classics such as Gore Screaming Show were also present.

Check out our coverage on JAST USA’s most recent announcements not yet released:

As usual for those events, we at Noisy Pixel will be sure to bring you the latest news on the exciting projects both companies reveal at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

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