Jin-Woo Vs. The Dungeon Boss! What’s Next? WATCH HERE

Undoubtedly, the previous episode was the biggest shocker for Solo Leveling fans. The protagonist faced a near-death experience, leaving everyone on the edge of their seat. But luckily, he survived. And now Solo Leveling Episode 4 hints at his newfound abilities and more about the ‘System.’ Jin-Woo is no longer a Hunter, as he has become a Player after the Double Dungeon ordeal. But this will come with a price. That’s because he has to deal with the dungeon boss alone and accomplish his daily quest without even getting assassinated. Can he survive this time? Let’s see!

Solo Leveling Episode 4: Preview Stills Revealed!

Jin-Woo is now prepared to go on his first quest. Now is the time to showcase his strength and how far he has reached after his training session. And surprisingly, the stills of Solo Leveling Episode 4, “I’ve Gotta Get Stronger,” hint that he will face the deadly threat soon. Using Mr. Kim’s sword, Jin-Woo destroys the wolves in the Dungeon, gaining the title of “Wolf Assassin.” This title is given to those who excel at hunting wolves.

Not only this, but Solo Leveling Episode 4 also suggests that Jin-Woo will level up. His abilities will increase by 40 percent, and he can trounce any monsters. As the protagonist continues to fight the beast, he will reach the bottom of the Dungeon. Unbeknownst to him, the biggest threat, the Serpent, is lurking. Despite that, Jin-Woo decides to fight against the dungeon boss- the Serpent. Initially, it won’t be easy to kill the Dungeon boss. But Jin-Woo defeats the dungeon boss and levels up again.

A Quick Recap!

After facing the Double Dungeon ordeal, Jin-woo found himself in the hospital in the previous episode. However, he had no memories of the hunting mission. After learning this news, Woo Jinchul visited the survivor and informed him about the survivors and casualties. The Hunters Society also tested Jin-Woo Mana to check whether he had awakened his powers. But they remained disappointed to learn that his Mana count was lower than usual. Later on, Jin-Woo’s sister made her debut.

She visited him with Han Songyi. While the brother and sister had a somewhat heartfelt moment, a screen popped up in front of Jin-Woo. However, it was only visible to him. The screen revealed that Jin-Woo had turned into a player in the ‘System.’ Soon, the ‘System’ displayed a video-game-esque setting. That focused on daily rewards, quests, penalties, a shop, leveling up, and an inventory. Later on, it was revealed that the protagonist’s mother suffered from a disease called Eternal Slumber.

Solo Leveling Episode 4

The outburst of the disease took place just after the emergence of the Gates. Hence, it was all connected with the Dungeon and the Hunter’s community. Soon, Jin-Woo received a new quest and a key to a dungeon. In order to obtain the reward, he ran away from the hospital, leaving Joo-Hee in dismay.

Solo Leveling Episode 4: Release Date

The forthcoming episode, “I’ve Gotta Get Stronger,” will focus more closely on Jin-Woo’s quest and the next phase in his life. Can he find a cure for his mother’s disease? You will learn it on Solo Leveling Episode 4. It will air on January 28, 2024, at midnight JST. The latest episode follows a weekly release pattern, dropping one every weekend.

The audience in Japan can stream it on BS11, GYT, GTV, Tokyo MX, YTV, and CBC. On the other hand, the global audience can watch it on Crunchyroll. The anime will also be simulcast on Medialink in China. So, don’t miss it. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.