Light Novel vs Manga [Recommendations]

Now that you’ve got the general gist, let’s talk about the differences between the light novel and manga.
The series heavily revolves around Yoshida’s love life, including his crush on his boss, Gotou; the advances of his young subordinate, Mishima; and of course, the complicated feelings he has for the teenager living under his roof.

Yoshida makes it clear he doesn’t have any romantic feelings for Sayu—at least, not in the early days—and the light novel gives us a constant stream of thought from Yoshida, which helps reaffirm how he thinks about the women in his life. Yoshida is a kind and considerate guy, so having the extra breathing room to dive into his thoughts is a huge benefit for Higehiro’s light novel.

The illustrator, booota, brings the characters to life with some lovely illustrations, although they’re a little average for a light novel rom-com. We particularly disliked Yen Press’s decision to use Western terms of address (such as “Ms” and “Mr”), particularly given how often Sayu refers to Yoshida as “Mr. Yoshida.” It feels awkward and stilted, and is our common complaint for many series—readers are smart and know what suffixes are!

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