Light Yagami, Scar and Others

Villains act as a foil against the hero, and we are to cheer for the protagonist and pray for the evil antagonist’s doom. But that does not stop us from admiring their formidable nature that turns the tide of the storyline. 

We can not help but accept their aura that sets them apart from the masses and makes us respect them, even if we disagree with their principles. Here we will be listing the 7 best villains who had an impact not only in the anime they were in but also in the otaku community.

7 Best Anime Villains Who Had an Impact

Madara Uchiha

When talking about impact, how can we forget the renowned Madara Uchiha, who is also considered the greatest anime villain of all time by many? Even before his appearance, we already knew that he was a formidable foe who was clearly not to be messed with.

So much so that he was able to singlehandedly take on the five Kage. He also transformed himself into the perfect Jinchuriki after he collected all the tailed beasts. Watch Naruto on Netflix.

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Light Yagami

Light from Death Note is the only anti-hero on this list who definitely left an impact with his way of doing things. No one would think that a high school boy would become such a menace to society after getting God-like powers.

He believes he must make the world a better place by getting rid of criminals and bad people. The only problem is he judges them based on his twisted sense of justice. Watch Death Note on Crunchyroll.

Still of Light Yagami


Meruem’s arc from Hunter x Hunter is definitely one of the best ever. From the moment he was born, he showcased the characteristics of a true king born to rule. Even though he did not live for long, he could grasp the reality of existential hierarchy.

Almost nothing mattered to him other than intelligence and power, which he valued from the beginning till the end. One great example is his sparing of Komugi, whom he considered to be an intelligent existence and slowly started to value her worth. Watch Hunter x Hunter on Netflix.

Still of Meruem


Pain’s impact on Naruto is immeasurable as he has some pretty nasty incidents to boast of under his belt. One of the most catastrophic instances is the destruction of Konoha.

It solidified his position as someone you should not mess with, as he can take on an entire village without batting an eye. And how can we forget him killing the best sensei of all time, Jiraiya, also one of the most powerful characters in Naruto? Watch Naruto on Netflix.

Still of Pain

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One cannot forget the vengeful monk Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, who had every right to become the villain. His main targets are alchemists who work for the state military. Being survived the Ishval Civil War, it is only natural that he would turn against the alchemists. 

He knows what it is to lose loved ones, as his brother could not survive, and his entire clan got destroyed. His thirst for revenge made him a self-proclaimed messiah of justice who would stop at nothing from punishing sinners who, in his book, deserve death. Do not miss FMAB on Netflix.

Still of Scar


This villain from My Hero Academia is a notorious antagonist, but even his critics would have to agree that his ideologies were not really off the mark. Named the hero killer, he targets heroes because he is tired of fake heroes who just want power and fame with their position.

He respects All Might and even spares Midoriya because he accepts them as someone who does not can about superficial things. This is also available on Netflix.

Still of Stain


Squealer was definitely a surprise villain in the anime Shinsekai Yori whose betrayal we did not see coming, even though the reason was right there. If we look at the conditions of the Queerat underclass creatures, we will know that from his point of view, it was the right thing two betray the humans. 

For a long time, humans selfishly bred Queerats so that they would not have any psychic powers and humans could control them easily. So it is not far from the truth if we agree that he definitely had an impact on our hearts and minds by giving us a different perspective on good and evil. Watch Shinsekai Yori on Crunchyroll.

Still of Squealer

Well, these are our recommendations. Which are your favourite ones? What other villains do you think had a lasting impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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