McDonald’s brings WcDonald’s to life in brand new anime campaign

ANIME and manga enthusiasts are no strangers to the playful world of creative reimaginings, where iconic brands often undergo subtle transformations to evade copyright restrictions. One such example is the famous fast-food chain McDonald’s, which has been immortalized in anime and manga as WcDonald’s, featuring inverted golden arches to form a distinctive W-shape.

In a surprising turn of events, McDonald’s is now embracing this fictional brand, bringing WcDonald’s to life in over 30 markets worldwide, including the Philippines. Collaborating with renowned Japanese illustrator Acky Bright and the esteemed animation studio Studio Pierrot, McDonald’s is set to unveil a range of WcDonald’s-themed exclusive menu items, illustrations, merchandise and animated shorts.

As of writing, the anime short “WcDonald’s” currently has four episodes and can be viewed in McDonald’s official YouTube channel.

This innovative collaboration marks a significant milestone in the intersection of pop culture and gastronomy, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality for fans of anime and fast food alike. With a nod to the vibrant and imaginative world of anime, McDonald’s is set to captivate audiences with a unique blend of culinary innovation and artistic expression.

Why WcDonald’s

The use of WcDonald’s in anime and cartoons instead of McDonald’s is a strategic choice driven by both creative and legal considerations. By altering the appearance of the iconic fast-food chain, creators can pay homage to the original brand while avoiding potential copyright infringement.

Additionally, the use of WcDonald’s adds an element of whimsy and originality to the narrative, allowing creators to craft unique storylines and settings that resonate with audiences. The fictional nature of WcDonald’s also provides a sense of familiarity and comfort, as viewers can easily identify with the concept of a fast-food restaurant, even in a fantastical or otherworldly setting. S