Most Iconic Anime Singers

Some of the coolest anime characters have relatable hobbies and unique talents that make them stand out from the crowd. Some of these talented characters even became some of the most beloved and famous musicians in the anime world. These fan-favorite anime shows and characters gave fans some of their favorite songs that became cult classics over the years and decades.

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Thanks to the best music anime series anime fans got to enjoy enchanting songs and great stories with lovable characters who motivated and inspired viewers to pursue their dreams and work hard on their passion projects. Fans can find rock, pop, and indie singers and cool anime bands in these inspiring shows and enjoy some brilliant music while also getting to know some of the most famous Japanese singers and musicians who gave their voices to the characters.


Souichi Negishi is the anime world’s most famous metal band singer and guitarist. He’s the protagonist of the comedy anime Detroit Metal City and thanks to the dual life he’s living he sometimes has to become one of the darkest anime characters. In his real life, Negishi dreams about becoming a pop star, however, since he can’t pay the bills he is forced to join a metal band.

He even creates an alter-ego for himself called Demon King Johannes Krauser II who he mostly hates but still uses whenever he finds himself in tough situations. The anime has some really hilarious moments as the shy and mostly relaxed Negishi tries to balance his two personalities. His character was voiced by the talented Yuji Ueda who’s a veteran anime voice actor and singer.

6 Brook – One Piece

Brook is one of the most popular characters in One Piece with a fascinating backstory and really interesting talents, so anime fans are always eager to learn new fun Brook facts. However, Brook is not only a talented musician, but he even learned how to use his musical skills to distinguish sounds, so he can find even those that are invisible to the eyes.

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One of Brook’s most famous songs is the Bink’s Sake that not only elevated the moods of the pirates who sang it but also the millions of fans who learned to sing it. His iconic character is voiced by the beloved Chō also known as Yuichi Nagashima.

5 Sho Fuwa – Skip Beat!

Skip Beat! is one of the most popular unfinished anime series with talented musicians, and Sho Fuwa is certainly the most popular one of them all. Ren’s biggest rival is one of Japan’s most talented singers who went against his parent’s wishes and instead of becoming an inn owner like them decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a famous singer.

Even though Sho can be jealous, possessing, and even cruel at times he does change and eventually learns how to show kindness towards his loved ones. His change of heart eventually changes his music too, and he becomes a successful singer. His character was voiced by the talented singer and voice actor Mamoru Miyano who is now one of Japan’s most famous singers and actors.

4 Carole Stanley – Carole And Tuesday

Carole Stanley is easily one of the most beloved and celebrated anime singers. She’s one of the leads of the popular music anime titled Carole And Tuesday. Even though Carole is a warm and kind character she didn’t have many friends before Tuesday. The hardworking girl who was dreaming of becoming a star formed a deep friendship with Tuesday and the two formed a successful band.

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Carole and Tuesday is one of the most feel-good and motivating anime about music and dreams with a beautiful art style. The story follows as the two girls start their band and try to deal with life’s difficulties while making their music together. Her character was voiced by two talented artists Miyuri Shimabukuro who was Carole’s voice during dialogues and Nai Br. XX provided her singing voice.

3 Yukio Tanaka – Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

Yukio Tanaka AKA Koyuki is one of the most beloved and talented anime singers with a deeply relatable story. While Koyukie never becomes a famous singer he eventually does manage to overcome his crippling shyness and not only sings more confidentially in front of others but eventually learns how to play the guitar too.

Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad is one of the best anime for people who don’t like anime thanks to its profound themes and well-crafted characters. The story follows a group of teenagers who form a band. The anime is mainly about their lives as they each struggle with finding themselves in their personal and professional lives. Koyuki’s voice was provided by Daisuke Namikawa who is a talented actor and singer.

2 Mio Akiyama – K-On

Even though Mio Akiyama is only the second vocalist of the popular Ho-Kago Tea Time band she quickly became one of the most beloved anime singers thanks to her charming personality and sweet voice. K-On is one of the most popular music anime and Mio is one of the most talented singers in it who’s also a great bassist and lyricist.

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Thanks to her sensitive and deeply emotional personality Mio was able to write beautiful songs that stole the hearts of anime fans all over the world. K-On follows the story of four high school girls who join their school’s music club to save it. It’s one of the most feel-good anime of all time with one of the best all-girls schools in anime. Mio’s character was voiced by the talented Yoko Hikasa.

1 Nana Osaki – Nana

Nana Osaki is easily the most well-known and beloved singer in the world of anime. She was the lead vocalist of a punk band who struggled to become a successful musician. Her voice and story stole millions of fans’ hearts all over the planet and thanks to the show’s great story and fantastic songs it quickly became a classic.

Nana is about two young girls with the same name who became roommates and eventually formed a deep friendship despite having very different personalities. Nana’s character was voiced by the iconic voice actor Romi Park who also voiced Edward Elric, Temari, and Toshiro Hitsugaya. While her singing voice was provided by Anna Tsuchiya who is also one of the most popular singers and actors in Japan.

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