Most Powerful Small Anime Characters

While most anime shows and movies are mainly filled with gigantic and sometimes even ridiculously muscular characters there are also a few in which the smallest characters are also capable of just about doing anything and defeating anyone. There are some fascinating fighting anime based on fighting games but slice-of-life shows also have tiny and strong side characters and even leads.

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Some of the greatest anime heroes are short and have powerful abilities despite having barely any physical power or fighting skills. However, there are also those characters who were working hard to become powerful fighters despite being short. These inspiring characters are usually fan-favorites since viewers can relate to them more and even find the motivation to work hard and don’t give up even when things seem to be against them in their real life.


8/8 Schierke – Berserk

Schierke was Berserk’s smallest and most powerful witch. This cult classic anime had many dark characters capable of just about anything yet Schierke would bravely join Gut’s party to travel and fight against evil. She was studying witchcraft from a young age and became a skilled magic user.

Even though Schierke was capable of casting powerful and deadly spells she would become very vulnerable and in need of protection. She’d go into a trance and leave her body unprotected, however, with a bit of help she was able to defeat powerful warriors and even monsters.

7/8 Makarov Dreyar – Fairy Tail

Makarov Dreyar is one of Fairy Tail‘s shortest and most powerful magic users. Despite his old age and small size Makarov was feared by most and was respected by everyone. Fairy Tail had many unique magic users and fans could even see some of the most iconic anime weapons in anime.

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Makarov possessed and was able to skillfully use an immense amount of magical power with ease which was in the form of light. He was also one of the calmest and wisest fighters who kept his cool under pressure even during large battles.

6/8 Rukia Kuchiki – Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki is one of the most resilient and iconic captains in Bleach. Even though she’s one of the smallest characters she was greatly powerful and thanks to her great knowledge of Kido and her other healing and destruction skills she was able to defeat many powerful foes.

Bleach‘s small yet iconic female fighter proved many times that she’s a more than capable fighter as well as a reliable and caring friend. She rarely showed her emotions to others and always kept her calm during battles.

5/8 Krillin – Dragon Ball

Goku’s best friend, Krillin, is one of the fan-favorite characters in Dragon Ball thanks to his goofy and kind personality. His personality changed and improved a lot over the many seasons of this iconic franchise. Krillin eventually became one of the most loyal and powerful characters in the show.

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Despite his small stature Krillin always bravely faced even the scariest Dragon Ball characters and even defeated many of them. Krillin was one of the most reliable companions to Goku who often helped him not only during their epic battles but in his personal life too.

4/8 Kageyama Shigeo – Mob Psycho 100

Despite his small stature, Kageyama Shigeo AKA Mob is not only Mob Psycho 100‘s strongest character but one of the most powerful anime characters ever. Mob is a talented and immeasurably strong esper who can defeat just about any living or ghostly being.

Thanks to Shigeo’s strongest abilities he can easily create force fields or move gigantic and heavy objects even buildings. Thanks to his powers he also possesses super strength and speed and is even capable of flying. However, probably his most impressive ability is disassembling and reconstructing any matter on a molecular level.

Edward Elric is famously one of the shortest and most powerful anime characters of all time who hated being short. Despite his young age, he was the most skilled alchemist in the series, yet he was extremely sensitive about his small stature and got angry when someone would mention it.

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However, Fullmetal Alchemist‘s powerful protagonist was also a brave and kind-hearted fighter who always protected everyone around him. Edward could easily defeat most of his enemies and always bravely fought even against the most powerful supernatural beings to protect all innocents and his loved ones.

2/8 Killua Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zoldyck is Hunter x Hunter‘s smallest and one of the most murderous characters. Even though this small kid might look harmless he’s actually one of the strongest, fastest, and most brutal fighters in the series.

Killua is not only a dangerous fighter because of his deadly electric shocking power but also because he was highly intelligent, and he was also always thinking quickly during battles. Other than his super speed capability and admirable fighting skills his body was also shock-resistant and could generate and transmit a deadly amount of electricity from his body.

1/8 Meliodas – Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas is one of the cutest and smallest anime characters and is a surprisingly strong fighter. Seven Deadly Sins‘ protagonist is one of the most fearless anime characters ever who possesses superhuman capabilities thanks to his Demon King father.

He was the Dragon Sin of Wrath who could easily defeat powerful foes no matter if they were humans or supernatural beings. Melodias had superhuman strength, speed, and resilience. However, Melodias was also mentally strong and was able to overcome hardships when his demonic powers couldn’t help him anymore.

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