Netflix Wants to Shift Its Anime Production Strategy, Says New Report

Netflix has come a long way since the service debuted, and these days, the global giant is known for pushing streaming to the world’s stage. With its reach covering the globe, Netflix has become a go-to solution for our entertainment needs. From movies to shows, the service has them all, and it began moving into the anime sphere several years ago. Butt if a new report is right, then it seems Netflix is ready to shake up its production procedures for future titles.

The report comes from Toyokeizai Online as the paper posted an in-depth article about Netflix Japan. The information comes after Netflix announced cost-saving measures ranging from ad-friendly membership tiers to profile lockdowns for those sharing their login. But if this update anime-centric report holds water, then it seems Netflix is wanting to nab more anime movies than shows moving forward.

What Is Netflix Up To?

According to this latest report on Netflix’s anime dealings, the studios in Japan are the ones facing the most frustration right now. The streaming service is said to be internally reviewing its original series orders and putting favor on those that are movies. So not only are the same number of projects being greenlit these days, but the type of project is also shifting.

“[An] executive at another anime production company said, ‘Not only has the number of projects that go through decreased but there are also cases where projects that were about to get started suddenly come to a halt, so the impact is serious.’ Several people involved in anime production have told similar stories, and Netflix is believed to be reducing the number of anime productions in Japan from 2022,” the paper reports.

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“The timing of this change aligns with when membership numbers began to decline,” the paper continues. “There is a widespread belief that the company is cutting back on anime production to cut costs.”

Given anime’s popularity these days, you might be wondering why the industry is being shafted. According to this new report, the issue comes down to reliability. Anime fans are often big fans of weekly releases, and that prolonged release generates free hype and publicity. However, Netflix’s staunch binge-release method makes it easy for a show to launch and be forgotten within a day. We have seen this happen to JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and now, it seems Netflix is looking to make more movies as opposed to anything else in Japan.

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