New Genshin Impact Anime Trailer Isn’t a Tease of Ufotable’s Project

HoYoverse, the company behind Genshin Impact, Tears of Themis, and others, has released a new animated Genshin Impact trailer called “Scenery and Sentiment: Mondstadt Edition” that showcases Genshin Impact’s first region.

In it, notable NPCs from Mondstadt are shown briefly throughout, living their lives in and around the windswept town. HoYoverse shared that this trailer was produced by Danish animation studio, Sun Creature Studio, clearly noting it’s different from their animated series project with Ufotable.

It’s unclear whether this trailer is meant to be a scenic advertisement for Genshin Impact, a continued piece to celebrate the game’s second anniversary, or something more. At the very least, it’s possible to imagine HoYoverse will release more of these to feature the other three major regions in Genshin Impact based on the trailer’s name.

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Sun Creature Studio has experience with short licensed projects. It’s done several animation projects for Riot Games ranging from League of Legends Skins teasers to Legends of Runeterra expansion trailers.

If you haven’t seen the Scenery and Sentiment: Mondstadt Edition trailer yet, you can view it below.

HoYoverse recently announced the aforementioned long-term anime project with the popular Japanese animation studio Ufotable (Demon Slayer, Fate/Zero). HoYoverse also revealed to IGN how it’s considering making limited-time events replayable for players who missed them and walked us through some behind-the-scenes of the Dendro element’s development.

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