Next-Generation Singer-Songwriter Mekakushe Launches New Private Label, “Akogare Records,” and Releases New Song!

  • The next-generation singer-songwriter, mekakushe, who is widely popular among artists and creators, has established her private label, akogare records, within Bandai Namco Music Live. On November 27, she released her first digital single, “Kataomoi Magnet,” from this label.
  • The arrangement of “Kataomoi Magnet” was handled by PRIMAGIC, known for arranging songs for artists like LiSA, Keina Suda, and Meychan. They have seamlessly blended various genres, including J-POP, electro, and funk, resulting in a captivating tune that likens feelings of attraction to magnetism.
  • The music video and jacket images were created by the up-and-coming visual artist Toki Chiaki, who is known for their work on meiyo and TOOBOE’s music videos.
  • From November 2023 to March 2024, mekakushe has planned five consecutive months of digital single releases, so please keep an eye on her future endeavors!
  • Mekakushe’s Comment on Akogare Records

    I am pleased to announce the establishment of akogare records within Bandai Namco Music Live! The term “akogare,” meaning “yearning” or “aspiration” in Japanese, holds significant meaning for me. I even used it as an album title during my independent production days.

    From the beginning of my music journey until today, my passion for creation and yearning for music have not only endured but continued to grow with each passing day. By entrusting these feelings to akogare records, I hope to nurture a label filled with yet unseen dreams and aspirations, allowing my music to reach many people in the future.

    Please warmly watch over this new start. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Product information

    Title: Kataomoi Magnet
    Lyrics, composition: mekakushe
    Arrangement: PRIMAGIC
    Music services:
    Music video:

    Mekakushe’s Comment on “Kataomoi Magnet”

    A person’s heart is like a magnet, attracting and repelling. Even when drawn to each other, if two people are too similar, problems can arise. This song depicts such a complex romantic narrative, likening it to the behavior of magnets.

    The sound, created with PRIMAGIC, takes a challenging approach that brings a heightened sense of excitement not previously experienced in my work, and it feels very refreshing. I poured my heart and soul into singing it. (I was also thrilled by the fact that it was my first-ever live horn recording!)

    “Kataomoi Magnet,” which marks the beginning of Akogare Records, is a song that feels like a step forward.

    Toki Chiaki’s Profile

    An illustrator and visual creator who mainly works on music videos, artwork, and logos in various genres. As a multi-creator, they don’t limit themselves to music but also handle illustrations and designs for a wide range of content, including fashion and entertainment. The music video “Nothing’s Working Out” by meiyo, which surpassed 35 million views on YouTube, was produced by Toki Chiaki.

    Toki Chiaki’s Comment

    This time, I had the honor of handling the music video and jacket for mekakushe’s “Kataomoi Magnet.” When I first listened to the song, I immediately sensed the inner strength of mekakushe’s delicately nuanced voice. I got that impression of a voice that, despite its transient nature, harbors a profound strength at its core. The sharpness of the lyrics within the sweet cotton-candy-like melody made my heart sway. It felt dazzling, like the light of a soft sun giving way to the sharp brilliance of lightning.

    In order to express the softness of the song and the poison-like element within it, I believe I created something with a slightly different taste from my usual work. I hope you’ll listen to and watch it many times.

    About Akogare Records

    The label name “akogare” is a significant word for mekakushe, who has been singing about her cherished ideals for a long time through her music production. The label was established with the hope that akogare records will eventually become something cherished by anyone.

    Mekakushe’s Profile

    Handling lyrics, composition, vocals, and piano performance by herself, the next-generation singer-songwriter mekakushe enjoys immense popularity among artists and creators. Starting classical piano at the age of three, she gradually gravitated towards pop music. Her independently produced songs were featured in a Kao Laurier commercial, and she was one of the top artists on the Spotify official playlist “Kirakira Pop Japan” with a total of 3 million plays. She is a promising emerging artist with anticipated future success. With electronica as the foundation in her recordings, her musical style continues to expand, featuring classical solos and band sets in live performances.

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