Red’ Surpasses a Ghibli Classic Moving Up the Highest Earning Film Charts and ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ X Adidas Collaboration Surfaces Online

Screengrab via Toei Animation

After another big weekend, the box office numbers are in and One Piece Film: Red has continued to cement itself in the history of anime films in Japan. Meanwhile, Shonen fans might just have a new fashion collaboration to collect. Here’s your daily hit of anime news so you can catch up on all there is to be excited about this Wednesday morning.

One Piece Film: Red continues to dominate the box office

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According to AnimeNewsNetwork, One Piece Film: Red has managed to remain the number one film at the Japanese box office for an astounding eight weeks and now it has cemented its place in history.

With around $108 million USD earnt during its tenure so far, the movie has now surpassed the Studio Ghibli classic Ponyo to become the sixth highest earning anime film in Japan’s history and securing number 11 in the all-time highest grossing films charts.

The movie first launched in Japanese cinemas back in early August and is showing no signs of slowing down. With plenty more time in theaters still to go, it remains to be seen just far up the rankings it can climb.

One Piece Film: Red is yet to premiere internationally but this will change on Nov. 4 when the movie arrives in the United States, Canada, and other international regions.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is set to bring all the drip you need with this Adidas collab

Image via Toei Animation

Sneakerheads and Shonen fans alike should get excited by the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! collaboration with Adidas that surfaced online earlier today.

The line of products will include four footwear releases two of which are looks for the ADI2000 sneaker while the other two are unique versions of the Adidas Reptossage slide.

Both of the ADI2000 shoes will come in white with different decals and laces. One has the iconic Blue-Eyes White Dragon alongside blue and brown laces and the other has Dark Magician with blue and white laces.

As for the Reptossage, you’ll get these slides in black with the Dark Magician look also featuring Yu-Gi and purple accents, and the others boasting Kaiba, Blue-Eyes, and blue accents. Aside from this early look details around the release are still to be announced.

Toei Animation is taking One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, and World Trigger to Time Square

by Keane Eacobellis

Toei Animation has big plans alongside New York Comic Con this year as the company isn’t just bringing the premiere of One Piece Film: Red to the event, but also plenty of other content from popular shows including Dragon Ball Super and World Trigger.

The action will kick off at NYCC at the Toei Animation exhibit where there will be a chance to meet and get photos with life-size characters including everyone’s favorite Saiyans Goku and Vegeta and the Straw Hat’s Monkey D. Luffy. Following this One Piece fans will get a chance to visit the new movie’s US premiere as well as screenings of episodes 1029 and 1030.

On Oct. 6 a Times Square takeover is set to take place following the One Piece premiere that takes place on Oct. 6. If you’re a One Piece fan in New York then the week of festivities is something you won’t want to miss.

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