Release Date Announced for Dungeon Crawler Witch & Lilies! Voice Actresses Revealed in New PV Set to Theme Song by Marina Horiuchi

What You Need to Know:

  • It has been announced that Witch & Lilies, the new dungeon crawler based on the theme of “romance between girls” by Stromatosoft, will be released on Steam on May 24, 2024. A new promotional video featuring the theme song sung by Marina Horiuchi has also been released. Within the video, the voice actresses for the main characters have been revealed for the first time.
  • About Witch & Lilies

    Witch & Lilies is a 3D dungeon crawler with the theme of “romance between girls.” Players form a party of five girls from 10 different job classes as they navigate dungeons to unravel the mysteries of the witch who created the world. While it maintains a classic dungeon crawler format, it also allows one to savor various types of romantic relationships between girls.

    This game conducted crowdfunding in September 2022, attracting significant attention among gamers and surpassing its funding goal by over 2100%.

    Witch & Lilies Steam Page

    About the Latest PV

    The latest promotional video introduces characters that appear in the story, including voiced dates between player characters and cute confession scenes, set to the theme song “Dog-ear” sung by Marina Horiuchi. Please check it out!

    Voice Cast

    Trim: Aimi Tanaka
    Grace: Ikumi Hasegawa
    Nike: Eri Ozeki
    Iris: Maria Naganawa
    Caligari: Nene Hieda
    Dolores: Riho Sugiyama
    Chrysalis: Natsumi Takamori
    Jürgen: Hiroshi Nakamura
    Chloe: Nene Hieda
    Dominic: Aimi Tanaka
    Hiiragi: Riho Sugiyama
    Nushi: Mafia Kajita
    Lady Moni: Moni Yoshimochi

    Job Character Voices: Yukina Shuto, Hitomi Kitazaki, Hazuki Ogino, Kyoka Yuki

    Theme Song Information

    Title: Dog-ear
    Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Soflan Daichi/Motoki Saito
    Singer: Marina Horiuchi

    Product Information

    Title: Witch & Lilies
    Genre: Romance between Girls x Dungeon Crawler
    Platform: Steam
    Players: Single player
    Release Date: May 24, 2024
    Standard Edition Price: ¥3,480 (excl. tax)
    Original Work: Stromatosoft
    Planning/Production: Stromatosoft/Bandai Namco Music Live
    Production/Direction: Shunsuke Fujita
    Planning/Production Collaboration: Yoshinori Yamagishi (Another Entertainment)
    Character Design: magodesu
    Scenario: Makoto Kedouin
    Production: Stromatosoft
    Development: Tasto Alpha
    Distribution: Stromatosoft

    Official X (formerly Twitter):
    Official website:

    Credit notation: ©Stromatosoft/Bandai Namco Music Live

    About Stromatosoft

    Stromatosoft is a game company founded by staff who have many years of experience in planning and producing games at major game companies, but who wished to create games with a more free thinking approach, which is often difficult at larger companies. Under the motto “Games are oxygen,” they strive to produce games that are necessary for life but also carry the risk of explosion once ignited.

    Currently, they are active as a brand that focuses on the theme of “romance between girls.” Their releases, such as Yuri Ranbou, a “High-speed competitive Yuri harem building card game,” and Yaba Yuri-kai no Imouto-tachi, an “Onee-sama-taking Yuri auction card game,” have garnered attention from fans of the genre for their specialized girls romance content.

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