Revenge For Shuma! Release Date


The first good news is the fact that there is no break in the release of the new chapter. That is right, Kingdom Chapter 743 is coming to the table in the next two days. Plus, the storylines are getting intense by each passing week. In the last one, we see that Riboku was being rescued out of the range so that no one could attack him. But as we was being taken out, it is seen that Shuma wanted to attack him. But the commander ended up killing the man by plunging a sword through his eye. So, here is all you need to know about the chapter.

In the upcoming chapter, fans will see the outcome of Shuma’s death. The war is only begun and there is a lot that is yet to unfold in the time forward. It will be interesting to see how all of this is commenced and brought to a much deserved conclusion!

Kingdom Chapter 743: What Will Happen Next?

The losing of lives in Kingdom is a common phenomenon. But there are many ways in which one could die. The last death that shocked every reader was that of Raido. The way in which he was butchered was something that shook all. Then it was the killing of an entire army. And now, it is the death of Shuma at the hands of Riboku. Kingdom Chapter 743 will now open with the aftermath of this attack.

In addition to this, we will also see that many soldiers are on for revenge. The killing of a commander always insights feelings of vengeance. Thus, Riboku is no longer safe in this war. He will be the first target for many in this war. It will be interesting to see how outings change and twist in the story forth.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The opening scene of Kingdom Chapter 742 showed the head-on attack on the army of Zhao. All the commanders and soldiers were trying to safeguard Riboku from getting killed. One after the other, there were many attacks that took place here. His men asked him to pass through the gaps so that he cannot be attacked. The idea was to keep him out of the epicenter of the battle.

It was clear that Riboku was not expecting Kanki’s ambush in this way. However, they also had this thing in mind at any given point, they would have to rescue Riboku from the army. Shin kept this in mind and only wished that Kanki was taking care of this. The chapter came to an end with the killing of Shuma at the hands of Riboku.


Kingdom Chapter 743: Release Date

Once again, there is no break for the release of the new chapter. The mess of the war is sure to bring incredible destruction for all those involved. As we write, the final release date for Kingdom Chapter 743 is December 18, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates only here.