“Rudy Gobert and Karl Anthony-Towns Bond Over Their Love of Anime”: Timberwolves’ Big Man Opens Up About His Budding Friendship With KAT

Rudy Gobert, KAT, Ant and DLo in a lineup would be a scary team with any permutation and combination, but only with the right chemistry

The Minnesota Timberwolves are going full throttle on their chase towards a successful postseason and if you ask any of the players in team, they fancy nothing less than a championship.

The way they started their 2022-23 pre-season against last season’s #1 team of the East, a 121-111 beating of the Miami Heat, gave some introspect of how would they be approaching this year.

Having two of the top big men of the league as their main stars alongside the back court duo of Anthony Edwards and D’Angelo Russell, makes them a contender even without any championships between the four of them.

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Karl Anthony-Towns is bonding with Rudy Gobert over their love for Anime

Both the 7-footers sat out the first game, but the Frenchman had his chance to represent the Timberwolves for the first time on Thursday against the LA Lakers. And Rudy had some remarks about their bonding in another victorious night.

Two 7-footers loving Anime doesn’t seem right, eh? Maybe there is something wrong with you.

Even though the Lakers weren’t playing with any of their probable starters for the upcoming season, the Timberwolves played Gobert, Edwards, Russell, and Jaden McDaniels.

They are showing their intention to win games as soon as they got the chance unlike the Purple and Gold team. And for them to do it when the season starts, the chemistry between Gobert and Towns is of top most priority.

Gobert and Towns could become Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley of the West

Rudy can take off the defensive duties off from KAT’s hands while the latter with his scoring ability will help Rudy focus entirely on his defensive side of the game.

While the typical Big men like the 3x DPOY are vanishing from the league slowly, the Cleveland Cavaliers showed us last year that what havoc a front court of two near 7-footers and a couple of exceptional guards could do.

For Rudy and Karl to develop an instant partnership like Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley, the duo will have to build a relationship off-the-court as well, if they want this to work in the long term.

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