Silver Tempest Gets Anime-Inspired Rayquaza Card

The Pokémon TCG Silver Tempest set is getting a Rayquaza VMAX based on Ruby & Sapphire’s Delta Episode. Its artwork was recently adapted in the anime.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is debuting a Rayquaza VMAX card in its Silver Tempest expansion, and the rare collectible’s artwork has an epic connection to the Pokémon Evolutions anime. Although Silver Tempest was supposed to mainly feature cards from Incandescent Arcana and the Paradigm Trigger Pokémon TCG set, collectors were surprised when it was announced the expansion would also be getting a rare Rayquaza card from the 2021 Japanese VMAX Climax collection. After its reveal, many fans realized that the Legendary Trainer Gallery card is based on Ruby & Sapphire‘s Delta Episode, which was recently adapted in the anime.


In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, players were able to embark on a new post-game mission called the Delta Episode. The Gen 3 remake storyline added a new character named Zinnia who ascended the Sky Pillar to encounter Legendary Pokémon Rayquaza. The epic storyline was re-created in the Pokémon Evolutions anime miniseries, which was released on the Pokémon YouTube channel in 2021. When the Pokémon Silver Tempest TCG expansion hits stores in November, players will be able to get a Secret Rare Rayquaza VMAX card that features artwork themed around the iconic Hoenn region moment.

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Pokémon Silver Tempest Gets Epic Rayquaza Delta Episode Anime Card

The Rayquaza VMAX will be a part of Silver Tempest‘s Secret Trainer Gallery card subset, and features a full artwork drawn by artist Hideki ishikawa. In the illustration, the Hoenn Serpent can be seen flying over Zinnia’s head, as her signature cape is fluttering in the wind. The same scene was recently depicted in the Pokémon Evolutions anime series in an episode titled “The Wish”, which debuted in December 2021. The Silver Tempest card captures the moment the Gen 3 Hoenn Legendary Rayquaza is summoned, before it dives into an epic battle sequence. The massive scene has become one of the series’ most iconic moments, making the Secret Rare Silver Tempest card an even more desirable collectible.

With the reveal of the Rayquaza VMAX card on October 25, it’s also confirmed that Silver Tempest will include additional cards from the VMAX Climax set. The collection originally hit Japanese stores in 2021, and featured unique collectibles with artwork depicting iconic moments between Pokémon and Trainers from throughout the series. Because Silver Tempest is the final Sword and Shield era mainline expansion, Nintendo is using the set to wrap up any Japanese Pokémon cards that had never gotten an English release. The Delta Episode Rayquaza card was originally supposed to be in the popular Pokémon Evolving Skies TCG expansion, but is now going to be featured as a Secret Rare in the final Silver Tempest Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, which launches on November 11.

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