SPY×FAMILY S2 Episode 5 | AngryAnimeBitches Anime Blog

We finally delve into one of the most anticipated arc where Yor is finally given the spotlight after all this time. It’s good to finally delve more into Yor’s character since since she’s been pretty stagnant for a while. We actually get to see her start to question whether or not she should continue being an assassin since the whole reason for her becoming one was to provide for Yuri. But now that he is all grown up and able to take care of herself, her reason becoming an assassin feels like it serves no personal purpose to her anymore.

Not only that, but she was given a different job. Instead of killing, she has to protect someone. Which is honestly a pretty big difference in what she normally does. Though she HAS used her assassin abilities to save Anya on several occasions. So it may be safe to say that this could be an off branch of what she has already been doing during her time in their “fake” family. However, I suppose it’s different in a way where this is specifically a job, so Yor seems a bit nervous over that fact. Especially in her case, it’s probably a lot easier to kill than to make sure someone doesn’t die. And they really hammer it in that we don’t want any harm to come to this mother and child even if they were part of a mafia family. The fact those two are their only family left must resonate with Yor since she was in a similar situation with Yuri when they were kids and longed to just live a normal life which may prompt her to try even harder to protect these two.

Over the span of the first season, we’ve seen Yor gradually grow closer to both Anya and Loid and start to actually view them as family. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how Yor comes to terms with wanting to live a peaceful life with her forged family and what that means for her as an assassin. This mission will definitely be challenging her on that and I really am excited to see what conclusion she comes up with (since I ended up skimming this arc too oops). And things are about to get messy when we learn that there have been several hearing devices planted all over the ship and OF COURSE they would end up overhearing Yor’s conversation with Shatty when they weren’t supposed to leave the room DX. This whole situation stresses me out because a child is also involved in this. And putting children in harmful situations makes me incredibly distressed. So seeing the hitmen after Shatty brought me nothing but dread and fear for the situation that is going to unfold.

We are also introduced to the mysterious voice over the phone who would give Yor orders on her next job and his design is certainly… a lot lol. His job as a gardener is definitely symbolic to how he runs his assassin business by “pruning” and “weeding” out the bad to leave everything else in pristine condition. Makes me wonder if this organization will end up in conflict with WISE in the future. Actually, scratch that, I feel like it’s a given these two organization will end up clashing at some point. And boy, I don’t think anyone is ready if and when Yor and Loid end up on opposing sides. Especially since both have grown fond and attached to the other in different ways.

On the other side of things, Anya and Loid end up winning a vacation on the same boat Yor will be working on (what are the odds lol) and of course they’ll be involved in some form or another. Aside from that, I am really glad to see Anya so excited to go on her first cruise ship while also laughing my butt off from how she ended up winning because GOOD. Serves that guy right for trying to cheat the system. Anyways, more than likely Anya is going to get herself involved in Yor’s business because of course she would. Especially with how excited she was about possibly seeing Yor in action when given the choice to accept or turn down the offer to go on the cruise. As for Loid, he seems to be taking more of a back seat this arc and may be a little more distracted than usual due to being on a “mission” to vacation. But of course, there is no rest for the weary because we KNOW he’s also going to be involved in some way since he somehow always ends in places where things go down.

Things are about to hit the fan and I am ANXIOUS about this arc because I already want Shatty and her child to be okay. We know Yor is strong enough to take on any adversity, but even she can make mistakes as shown in a previous episode with her getting shot in the butt and letting one of the guys escape. She’s not perfect so there is still room for error and that makes me even more nervous. Not too much happening this episode, but it’s definitely a great set up for what is to come. Especially since this is the more action heavy arcs, the anime is most likely going to pop off during the action segments.