Tasuku Hatanaka to Sing ED Theme of Overtake! 8th Single “Good Luck” Slated for November 29 Release!

What You Need to Know:

  • Voice actor Tasuku Hatanaka, known for his roles in numerous anime such as My Hero Academia, SK8 the Infinity, and LUPIN ZERO, as well as his contributions as an artist to Moriarty the Patriot and Ultraman Z, is set to release his 8th single, “Good Luck,” on November 29!
  • The title track, “Good Luck,” will serve as the ending theme song for the TV anime Overtake! scheduled to premiere in October 2023. In this series, Hatanaka will also lend his voice to the character Kotaro Komaki.
    The accompanying tracks include “Psycho,” which is the theme song of the movie Kazoku to iu Yamai, and “Endless Love,” the 5th-anniversary tie-up song for the otome game Ikemen Vampire: Temptation in the Dark. This single showcases Hatanaka’s versatility in singing various genres of music.
  • Furthermore, the jacket and artist photos have been revealed. In line with the title track, “Good Luck,” Hatanaka presents a refreshing visual with attire predominantly featuring shades of blue.
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    Tasuku Hatanaka Comment:

    I’m Tasuku Hatanaka, and I am honored to have been chosen to perform the ending theme song for the TV anime Overtake! As I reflected upon the profound themes explored in this anime, I enthusiastically embraced the challenges of both voice acting and singing. I hope you’ll enjoy both the ending theme and the anime as a whole.

    Product Information

    Title: Good Luck
    Release Date: November 29, 2023

    Limited Edition (CD + Blu-ray)
    Price: ¥2,970 (inc. 10% tax)
    Product No.: LACM-34464
    Includes random photo card (one of three types)

    Regular Edition (CD only)
    Price: ¥1,430 (inc. 10% tax)
    Product No.: LACM-24464

    1. Good Luck (Ending theme of Overtake!)
    Lyrics by yumeiroecho, composition and arrangement by Kiyoshi Ikegami

    2. Psycho (Theme song of Kazoku to iu Yamai)
    Lyrics by Kanata Okajima, composition and arrangement by Jeff Miyahara

    3. Endless Love (5th anniversary tie-up song of Ikemen Vampire: Temptation in the Dark)
    Lyrics and composition by Naoyuki Watanuki, arrangement by Hana (Gacharic Spin)

    4. Good Luck (Instrumental)
    5. Psycho (Instrumental)
    6. Endless Love (Instrumental)

    Blu-ray (Limited Edition only)
    1. Good Luck (Music Clip)
    2. Making of Good Luck

    Tasuku Hatanaka Profile:

    Born in 1994, Tasuku Hatanaka made his debut as a voice actor by winning a general audition for the movie The Chronicles of Narnia in 2006, where he voiced the character Edmund Pevensie. Since then, he has participated in numerous dubbing and anime projects.

    He has gained recognition for his impressive singing abilities in character songs, and in July 2017, he made his artist debut with his first single, “STAND UP,” released by Lantis.

    On March 27, 2019, he released his debut album, FIGHTER, followed by his first solo live concert, “TASUKU HATANAKA 1st LIVE -FIGHTER-,” held at Toyosu PIT on July 27, 2019.

    Since then, he has been active both as a voice actor and an artist, contributing to anime and dramas such as Moriarty the Patriot and Ultraman Z.

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