The 10 Strongest Anime Giants, Ranked

Giants are often overrated whenever they are depicted in anime. Their prodigious size is used in order to make the person that defeats them seem strong by comparison. In professional wrestling terms, they have a notorious reputation as the genre’s worst “jobbers.”

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However, there are a number of gigantic beings whose stature reflects how powerful they actually are. These characters use every last inch of their size to their advantage, with few in their respective series being capable of defeating them. The merits of their imposing size allow audiences to appreciate these mythic monsters and their overwhelming brute force.

10/10 Gellick Was A Giant Toad That Served The Shadow Lord

Deltora Quest

When the crown of Deltora was shattered, its gems scattered across the land. Gellick had the fortune of acquiring one and adding it to his horde of treasures. As Deltora Quest‘s story led Lief to Gellick’s mountain, he found the toad less than hospitable.

In addition to turning an army of enslaved gnomes against him, he also weaponized his acidic spit and barbaric brute strength. Gellick’s skin made it especially difficult to defeat him on account of its durability, which was problematic for heroes with no supernatural powers.

9/10 Sloth Was Father’s Lumbering Enforcer

Fullmetal Alchemist

Sloth was a monstrous homunculus in the Fullmetal Alchemist universe. Lumbering and indomitable, his raw strength surpassed his brethren’s and even every alchemist’s in the state of Amestris. Not even two squadrons of hardened soldiers could hold him back.

When combined with dizzying speed, Sloth became an unfocused force of nature that made any battlefield significantly more dangerous. He was only narrowly defeated by Sig and Armstrong when they worked together and caught him off balance. Sloth’s endurance is his greatest advantage, as he could dig tunnels for months on end without collapsing from exhaustion.

8/10 Gigantomachia Was All For One’s Secret Weapon

My Hero Academia

All For One has many servants in My Hero Academia. However, they pale in comparison to Gigantomachia. Genetically enhanced and physically unmatched, the villain’s combination of hardened skin and superior size made few capable of opposing him.

Like Sloth, Gigantomachia also had boundless endurance. He could fight Shigaraki for nearly a consecutive month without needing to rest or eat. When unleashed upon Re-Destro’s forces, there was also nothing preventing him from plowing through large swathes of Quirk users as if they weren’t even there in the first place.

7/10 Bertholdt Was The Iconic Colossal Titan

Attack On Titan

Bertholdt is commonly known as the face of Attack On Titan. At a towering sixty meters tall, his Colossal Titan form could shatter the walls of Paradis that were once thought impregnable. He defeated other titan shifters with similar ease, as seen during his battle with Eren.

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Despite his physical strength, Bertholdt’s initial explosion is his secret weapon. It nearly wiped out all of Shiganshina in a single detonation. Unfortunately, Bertholdt can only transform once in a several-hour period.

6/10 Drole Was The King Of Giants

Seven Deadly Sins

Before being redeemed, Drole was one of the most powerful villains in Seven Deadly Sins. Strengthened beyond natural limits by the Demon King, he could use his earth manipulation in order to create a huge labyrinth in a matter of seconds.

Drole could also push King to the limit by using a significantly weaker avatar in battle. When facing off against Diane for the final time, he also demonstrated himself to be leagues above her both as a warrior and as a tactician.

5/10 Pica’s Power Technically Had No Limits

One Piece

Pica’s Devil Fruit allowed him to become one of the largest and most unstoppable villains in One Piece. He could absorb and control any stone, quickly transforming himself into an unbeatable colossus that nearly blotted out the sun.

The rocks themselves could reform when sliced, and Pica was able to transfer his consciousness to any part of the structure. He can only be bested if an opponent either manages to destroy his body in a single hit or cuts him into so many pieces that he has nowhere else to project himself.

4/10 Kurama Was The Strongest Of All The Tailed Beasts


The true extent of Kurama’s power was seen at the end of Naruto. Not only did the Nine-Tails stand tall against the other eight Tailed Beasts, but he also doubled his power thanks to Minato’s resurrection.

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This meant that everything fans had seen up until that point, such as the defeat of powerful villains like Nagato and Gaara, was only a fraction of what Kurama could do. Despite being a creature of immense chakra, his greatest weakness is when his power is sealed away. This makes Hashirama cell users particularly effective against him.

3/10 Yammy Was Aizen’s Strongest Espada


At first, Bleach‘s Yammy was nothing to think twice about. Even at the beginning of Espada arc, Ichigo sliced off his arm and forced Ulquiorra to intervene. However, Yammy has the strongest resurrection ability of the Espada, allowing him to jump from the weakest in their ranks to the strongest.

Using his brutal final form, he overpowered Rukia and Ichigo in a matter of seconds. Ultimately, it took the combined might of Kenpachi, Byakuya, and even Mayuri Kurotsuchi in order to finally bring the towering bully to his knees.

2/10 Zunisha Carried An Entire Nation On His Back

One Piece

Zunisha was a gigantic elephant that bore the entire nation of Zou on his back. Although lacking any supernatural powers or even armament haki, his sheer size makes few capable of challenging him. When Jack arrived with an entire armada of Beast pirates, it took several minutes of concentrated cannon fire on the same spot to even remotely injure Zunisha.

After Momonosuke ordered retaliation, Zunisha wiped out Kaido’s third-in-command with a single devastating stroke of his trunk. In his prime, Zunisha could easily have been considered one of the series’ most powerful characters.

1/10 Eren’s Founding Titan Controlled The Entire Eldian Race

Attack On Titan

Roughly 240 meters tall, Eren’s size isn’t what makes him so deadly. In his Founding Titan form, he controls the entire Eldian race and can do virtually whatever he wants with them. In addition to summoning dead titan shifters as ancillary support, Eren destroyed the world in a frighteningly short time by invoking the power of the Rumbling.

If he hadn’t made the conscious choice of going easy on his friends, he likely would have crushed their resistance alongside the rest of humanity. Eren’s skeleton may still be weak at the nape, but It’s extremely well-protected and hard to access.

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