The Best Anime Battle Mages

With the exceptional growth of the Insekai genre within anime, magic has become a common ability in most series to be released in recent anime seasons. As a result, there has been an uptick in the addition of powerful mages and spellcasters that stand out among the crowd with their flashy techniques and powerful incantations.

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While a mage usually supports their allies from a distance, there are those who fight on the frontline utilizing powerful skills and possessing excellent physical capabilities. Most iconic anime Battle Mages are unstoppable thanks to their mastery of weaving close combat with extremely powerful spells that can level entire battlefields. These warriors take on entire armies without breaking a sweat and show style and poise.


7/7 Rudeus Grayrat

Jobless Reincarnation is arguably one of the best Isekai anime to be released in recent anime seasons. The story introduces viewers to Rudeus Grayrat, formerly a 30-year-old shut-in who has been given another chance in another world. Early on, Rudeus shows an exceptional talent for magic, and, in no time at all, is awarded a Saint class for his magic capabilities.

Once Rudy and his party set out on their journey, Rudeus quickly becomes a powerful mage able to handle some of the fiercest creatures in the new world he lives in. Rudy is a dedicated and loyal person, although he can be a bit perverted. However, he does not hesitate to fight as hard as he can to protect his new family and friends.

6/7 King

King serves as the sin of Sloth of the Seven Deadly Sins. While he had a drastically different appearance in the past, he is portrayed as a young brown-haired boy in the present day of the series. He is a powerful magic user who focuses on manipulating his spear, which has a vast number of transformations and special abilities.

While this is his main style of fighting, King also has massive magical power being the former king of the fairies. Somewhat egotistical and stubborn, King can push down his childish tendencies for the greater good and help his comrades. Unfortunately, the quickest way to take advantage of King is to get Diane to ask him.

5/7 Gildart Clive

Gildart stands out among most anime mages for his unique ability. As the most prominent mage in Fairy Tail, Gildart possesses a popular standing for his strength and approachable persona. Gildart has the Crush ability, which destroys whatever he comes into contact with, whether it be spells, material, or even flesh and bone.

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Along with colossal strength and agility, Gildart is a versatile force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Although he does not seek out trouble and is not aggressive by nature, he can be a ruthless opponent when the situation calls for it. One of Gildaret’s flaws is his obliviousness. He rarely pays any attention at all to things around him which gets him in precarious situations, especially when something blocks his path.

4/7 Tatsuya Shiba

Shiba is in his second year at the National Magic University. He is an exceptional mage and brilliant strategist. On the outside, Shiba is a very respectful and reserved student who does his best to help those around him and protect his younger sister. However, behind his kind and confident exterior, he hides a much darker side of himself.

Shiba was subjected to a terrible ritual as a child, which shaped him into a highly lethal mage with an extremely rare ability. By day, he is a hardworking student, but by night he takes out targets as a secret assassin. Because of what Shiba went through, he is very limited in the types of magic he can use, but this increases his skill and power level of the select magic skills he has available. One of Shiba’s most powerful abilities is his restoration and decomposition magic, which allows him to break down and regenerate matter at will.

3/7 Shirou Emiya

Shirou Emiya is the long-standing main antagonist of several of the Fate series, such as Fate/Stay night, Fate/Stay Knight Heavens Feel, and Unlimited Blade Works. It is important to note that in the Fate series, Emiya is both his younger self and future self, known as the archer-class heroic spirit.

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In the future, Emiya becomes one of the most powerful heroes in the world until he is betrayed and executed. Because of his exceptional accomplishments, he becomes a heroic spirit that is later summoned by Rin. In addition, Emiya has a unique ability of reconstruction called Trace. As long as he has a solid mental image of an item, he can recreate it. However, this only scratches the surface of Emiya’s talent, as he is a more than capable ranged and close combat fighter well.

2/7 Madoka Kaname

Madoka is a magical girl that shines bright with kindness and dedication to her friends. She is one of five magical girls that protect the world in the Madoka Magica anime and serves as its main protagonist. Madoka possesses an incredibly potent magical power that allows her to manipulate existence itself, and, over the course of the season, she becomes even more powerful.

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While a shy and bashful individual, Madoka is not afraid to fight for what she believes in and to protect those precious to her. In the series, Madoka climbs to a new level of being and becomes a god that can control space and time. The sheer power that Madoka can call upon puts all other anime magic girls to shame, but keeping her personality intact makes her shine brighter.

1/7 Julius Novachrono

Black Clover is filled with powerful mages with unique abilities, but the title of Magic Emperor is not given out freely. Julius is a somewhat childish individual that commonly disregards many of his responsibilities to explore his infatuation with magic. On more than one occasion, Julius sneaks off because of a fascination with magic he has never seen.

Yet, with all his avenues, Julius is still one of, if not the most powerful mage within the Black Clover universe and is an expert combatant who can shed his Child-like behavior at a moment’s notice and become the image of power that the entire world respects. Julius displays impeccable use of Time magic, Restraint magic, and Transformation magic which make him nearly unstoppable on the battlefield.

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