The Most Iconic Nemuidere Female Characters

While not as well-known as the numerous tsundere and yandere characters in anime, the nemuidere character archetype is still a familiar and lovable archetype that anime fans cherish. The term “nemuidere” is derived from the phrases “nemui,” which means sleepy in Japanese, and “deredere,” which means lovey-dovey.

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A character is labeled a nemuidere if they spend long periods of time asleep, regardless of their intentions. Usually common in male characters, fans have also noted the number of female characters who also fall into the nemuidere character type, with a handful of them standing out as the most iconic in all of anime.


7/7 Tsukasa Hiiragi (Lucky Star)

The youngest of the Hiiragi twins, some Lucky Star fans may argue that Tsukasa is a deredere character due to her klutzy antics and innocent nature. Though she may fall short in any task given to her, Tsukasa can do what her twin sister Kagami cannot; the former excels in traditional tasks like cooking while the latter is more skilled in sports.

Sleep-wise, however, Tsukasa is the epitome of a nemuidere, as she proves to be a heavier sleeper than her best friend Konata Izumi. Even if someone tries to wake her up, Tsukasa’s sleep is very difficult to disturb, causing her to fall behind in school.

6/7 Dorothy Unsworth (Black Clover)

One of the many witches present in Black Clover, Dorothy can most likely be found sleeping in the background, regardless of the surrounding commotion. In fact, even while sleeping, she still retains awareness of her surroundings, making her a bit of a sleepwalker.

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Though Dorothy loves to sleep, one can count on her to wake up when times grow harder. In fact, it is only when Dorothy is actually awake that she reveals her hyperactive and fun personality, acting as both a mentor and a sister to the residents of the Witches’ Forest.

5/7 Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)

It may seem odd for a character as proactive as Usagi to be labeled a nemuidere, but her personality makes it undeniable. Though Usagi matures throughout the course of Sailor Moon, she still finds herself enjoying the occasional nap from time to time, be it in her room or in class.

The first season of Sailor Moon starts with Usagi oversleeping, a trend that has always been the norm for her. Ironically, her habit of oversleeping indirectly led to her first encounter with the magical cat Luna, thus starting her journey as the iconic Sailor Moon.

4/7 Mako Mankanshoku (Kill la Kill!)

Much like Usagi, Mako’s hyperactive traits may contradict her status as a nemuidere. But such a contrast is played for comic relief throughout Kill la Kill; Mako can either be found bouncing off the walls or sleeping just before school starts.

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Above all else, however, Mako’s most defining trait is her steadfast loyalty to Ryuko Matoi, whom she met when she first arrived at Honnoji Academy. Though the two have been inseparable since then, Mako’s klutzy shenanigans initially left Ryuko with a mixed first impression.

3/7 Yasuko Takasu (Toradora)

Childish in nature, Yasuko can be described in two words: always drowsy. This is mainly because she works as both a hostess and a baker in order to support herself and her son Ryuuji, whom she wants to see succeed at any cost.

Upon realizing that Ryuuji has grown close to Taiga, also known as the Palmtop Tiger at school, Yasuko becomes extremely supportive, offering dating advice to her son and getting sad when Taiga does not come over. It is her determination to see Ryuuji succeed that ultimately pushes him to step in for her at the bakery after she faints.

2/7 Musae Koyama (Shin-chan)

Known as Bitzi in the English dub, Musae has been noted to be very lazy. She prefers to sleep and eat in her free time, even more so than her older sister Misae. In fact, Musae briefly ends up moving in with Misae and her family after leaving her job due to a hurtful comment from her boss.

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Musae’s lifelong aspiration is to be a professional photographer, so she was very hurt when her former boss told her that she was talentless. However, Musae eventually lands a job as a photographer for a nursery, which allows her to find her own home, though she is not as skilled in housekeeping as Misae.

1/7 Naegleria Nebiros (Is This a Zombie?)

A manga artist known by the pen name Nene, Naegleria was formerly renowned as the Underworld’s strongest warrior, despite her laidback appearance. When not writing her doujinshis, Nene can be found either sleeping or drinking with her best friend Chris.

Nene’s relationship with Chris is such that she refuses to harm her in any way, even turning down a favor from Ayumu in order to keep Chris safe. Her abilities include crafting armor that regulates magic and undoing Queen’s curses, as shown in two separate cases with Eucliwood and Chris.

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