The Otaku Box Review – April 2024 Edition

Hey everyone! Back again with another Otaku Box review, and this time we’re diving into the epic April 2024 delivery.

This month’s box absolutely blows most of the previous boxes out of the water (March is still the best for me!) with some seriously awesome merch I can’t wait to share!~

This a follow-up to my March review, but I’ve also reviewed a couple of other months as well, so make sure to check them out!

What is The Otaku Box?

What is The Otaku Box?

The Otaku Box is a monthly subscription that delivers a treasure trove of anime merchandise directly to your doorstep.

Each month, a brand new box arrives bursting with surprises, guaranteed to include a fantastic figurine. The themes and characters are constantly evolving, reflecting the nature of the anime fandom.

But that’s not all! For the ultimate anime nerds, The Otaku Box offers an exclusive “ecchi” and “yaoi” option, featuring items you won’t find anywhere else. We’re talking strippable figurines, saucy wall scrolls, and more – it’s every weeb’s dream come true!

Speaking of dreams, I just received my April 2024 Otaku Box (SFW version), and I’m bursting to unbox its contents!

What’s in the Box?

  • Mia Figurine (Monster Musume)
  • Nezuko T-shirts (Demon Slayer)
  • Nezuko Coin (Demon Slayer)
  • Eat, Sleep, Anime, Repeat Button (Demon Slayer)
  • Thorn Princess String Bag (Spy x Family)
  • Rias Epoxy Sticker (Highschool DxD)
  • Black Blossom Waifu Card (Fate/Extra)
  • Yuko Sagiri Scroll (Triage X)
  • Denji Mini Figure (Chainsaw Man)

Mia Figurine (Monster Musume)

Wow, the very first item in the April Otaku Box is a total showstopper! It’s a 1:9 scale figure of Mia from Monster Musume, and boy, it’s incredible.

The details on this figure are amazing. From Mia’s face all the way down to her outfit, everything is perfectly captured. It’s like having a miniature version of our favorite lamia girl right in front of you!

This is easily one of the best figures I’ve ever seen from Otaku Box. There’s no way this one’s leaving the box – it’s going straight into my display case!

Nezuko T-shirts (Demon Slayer)

Anyone who’s read my past Otaku Box reviews knows I’m not the biggest fan of their usual t-shirt designs – a little too ecchi to wear in public, you know?

But this month, they surprised me with fantastic Demon Slayer tees featuring Nezuko! It’s totally SFW, so for the first time ever, I might actually wear an Otaku Box shirt out and about.

Looks like Nezuko saved the day (and my wardrobe)!

Nezuko Coin (Demon Slayer)

Speaking of Nezuko, the April Otaku Box also included a super cool coin featuring everyone’s favorite demon slayer female character!

This high-quality coin is a must-have for any anime merch collector. The detail is incredible – they’ve perfectly captured Nezuko’s gracefulness on this unique collectible.

It even comes with its own little case, making it perfect for display or safekeeping. This is definitely a win for Nezuko fans!

Eat, Sleep, Anime, Repeat Button (Demon Slayer)

We all know the classic anime fan motto: “Eat. Sleep. Anime. Repeat.” It might be a cliché at this point, but hey, it hits the nail on the head, right? This month’s Otaku Box included a fun take on that with a new button!

At first glance, it seems like a standard “Eat. Sleep. Anime. Repeat.” button, but look a little closer! There’s a subtle silhouette of Tanjiro and Nezuko from Demon Slayer hidden in plain sight. It’s a cool way to show your love for anime and Demon Slayer in one go. Definitely a fun addition for any fan’s collection!

Thorn Princess String Bag (Spy x Family)

Spy x Family fans are gonna love this one! The April Otaku Box included an awesome String Bag featuring Yor Forger in all her assassin glory.

This is the perfect way to show off your love for the Thorn Princess and the hit series Spy x Family.

Whether you’re carrying gym clothes or groceries, this bag is both fashionable and functional.

Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for fellow anime fans!

Rias Epoxy Sticker (High School DxD)

The April Otaku Box also threw in a surprise with a cool epoxy sticker featuring Rias Gremory from High School DxD!

I wasn’t sure what “epoxy” meant at first, but the sticker itself looks awesome with its manga-style design.

At first glance, I thought it might be one of the usual waifu cards they send, but this turned out to be a high-quality sticker instead.

Now I just need to find the perfect place to display her! This is a great addition for any High School DxD fan.

Black Blossom Waifu Card (Fate/Extra)

The Otaku Box surprised me with a waifu card featuring a character I didn’t recognize: BB, or Black Blossom!

A quick online search revealed she’s from the Fate/Extra series.

While I’m not familiar with her yet, the card itself looks fantastic, keeping up with Otaku Box’s usual high quality.

This might be the perfect excuse to dive into the Fate/Extra series – time to add it to my watchlist!

Yuko Sagiri Scroll (Triage X)

Next up from the April Otaku Box is a special treat for fans of Triage X! This exclusive wall scroll features Yuko Sagiri, one of the show’s most popular characters.

The scroll showcases Yuko in all her glory, striking a captivating pose that’s sure to turn heads (and maybe raise a few eyebrows!).

I still haven’t figured out what I’m gonna do with scrolls as I prefer actual posters over them, so for the time being, I’m gonna shelve it.

Denji Mini Figure (Chainsaw Man)

Alright, for the final item, we hit a bit of a snag. The mini figure was supposed to be Denji from Chainsaw Man, complete with his chainsaw-wielding arm and his trusty devil companion, Pochita. Unfortunately, it seems like there was a packing mix-up, and the box only included Denji’s head, one arm, and Pochita.

While a complete Denji figure would have been epic (and totally the best item in the box!), mistakes happen.

Since I received this box for review purposes, I couldn’t reach out to Otaku Box customer service for a replacement (international shipping and all that!).

However, based on past experiences, I know their customer service is fantastic and very helpful with resolving these kinds of issues.

Hopefully, future reviewers (or paying customers!) won’t have to deal with missing parts. In the meantime, this is a good reminder to check your Otaku Box items carefully upon arrival.

That’s all for the awesome anime goodies in my April 2024 Otaku Box (SFW edition)! Remember, Otaku Box also offers bolder versions of the box, featuring ecchi or yaoi themes. Just a heads up, those boxes contain mature content that might not be suitable for everyone.

If you’re looking for a fun way to discover new anime merch and support your fandom, the Otaku Box is definitely worth checking out! They offer a variety of subscription options, so you can find the perfect fit for your interests.

Thanks for joining me on this unboxing article! Let me know in the comments what kind of anime merch you’d love to see in future Otaku Boxes.