Top 10 Most Popular Demon Slayer Ships That Fans Love

If you have been an anime fan for any amount of time, then you know how attached fans can get to anime characters. Not only do we call them our waifu and fight for them in “Waifu Wars,” but we also pair them up with other anime characters and have fun fantasizing about their relationship. More commonly known as “ships”, they have taken over many different fandoms in recent years. Demon Slayer has also not been spared, as its fans have created some of the best and worst ships ever. And in this article, we will detail the top 10 most beloved ships in the Demon Slayer fandom.

Note that this list only contains the top 10 most trending couples in the Demon Slayer fandom. Some of it might make sense, while others might not, but the fact is that these are the ones that are popular among fans right now.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the listing!

List of the Best Demon Slayer Ships of All Time

  • Obanai x Mitsuri
  • Giyuu x Shinobu
  • Aoi x Inosuke
  • Sanemi x Kanae
  • Tanjiro x Kanao
  • Zenitsu x Nezuko
  • Sanemi x Giyuu
  • Tamayo x Yushiro
  • Sanemi x Nezuko
  • Douma x Shinobu

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1. Obanai x Mitsuri

To start our list, we have one of the most wholesome and likely canon ships in Demon Slayer. This is Obanai, the snake pillar, and Mitsuri, the love pillar.

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While many might find this pairing strange at first glance due to their polar opposite personalities, the more you see them together, the more you will root for them.

They have great chemistry with each other, and it also helps that Obanai has a massive crush on Mitsuri.

Fans always wanted them to get together, and their dreams came true when Obanai confessed and Mitsuri accepted.

But alas, it seemed fate was against them, as they would perish moments later during the Demon King Muzan’s invasion.

2. Giyuu x Shinobu

Giyuu and Shinobu are among the most beloved characters in the entire series.

Our water hashira, Giyuu, is logical and stoic, while Shinobu is playful and savage. Which has led to fans shipping them together.

It also didn’t help that they both complemented each other so well the first time they were shown in the series.

This is due to Giyuu’s lack of social manners and Shinobu’s brutal remarks on the mentioned lack of manners.

Fans loved how they played off each other and how Giyuu thought of Shinobu as his only friend.

This aspect was explored in a side story where Giyuu first made friends with Shinobu.

While it might not be possible for the ship to become canon in the story due to plot reasons, they will still remain one of the most beloved couple in the fandom.

3. Aoi x Inosuke

One would think that Inosuke, being part of the main cast, would be shipped with many characters. Well, he is, but not many of them are as popular as Aoi x Ionsike.

The reasons behind it are numerous, but the most crucial one is that it is funny to no end.

Seeing Inosuke, this animal-raised brute, interact with the prim and proper Aoi of the butterfly estate never gets old.

But all of it is not just fan-made imagination, as Inosuke has shown many times that he does care for Aoi.

This became apparent in the entertainment district arc, where he would willingly change places with Aoi to save her. And once he had done so, this demon slayer ship had sailed.

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4. Sanemi x Kanae

By all accounts, Sanemi, at the start, was one of the most hated characters due to his actions against Nezuko.

But as the series continued, fans saw his past and how much of a broken person he was.

This is why he is now paired with one of the kindest and most caring people in the series. That person is Kanae, the last flower pillar and Shinobu’s older sister.

While there may be no canon scene of these two together, the supplementary material provides enough fuel for fans’ imaginations. It also helps with the little amount of screen time she gets.

Kanae seems to be a person who looks at someone irrelevant to their past, just as she did with Kanao. In the minds of the fans, Kanae appears to be the only character who can help Sanemi heal.

5. Tanjiro x Kanao

Due to more screen time and growth, the series’ main characters are the most shipped in the Demon Slayer series.

This also stands true for Demon Slayer, as the Tanjiro has many ships, but only one shall win among them. And according to a majority of the fans, it is Tanjiro x Kanao.

Fans started to ship these characters at the end of the Butterfly Mansion arc. Where Tanjiro was able to beat Kanao in a simple game.

But soon after, fans saw how they helped each other grow and how Tanjiro brought joy to Kanao’s life.

But the moment this ship became canon in the eyes of the fans was when Tanjiro helped Kanao after the death of her older sister. Fans now regard this ship as the best due to the massive development the characters have received.

6. Zenitsu x Nezuko

Regarded by many fans as the first official ship of the series, Zenitsu x Nezuko is truly special.

Whether it be due to Zenitsu’s unique personality or the fact that Nezuko is a demon, we don’t know.

But we know that Zenitsu is in love with Nezuko and has, on multiple occasions, protected her.

Nezuko also seems to find Zenitsu endearing, as she has saved his life numerous times as well.

The series finale has also confirmed that this ship is canon, bringing many fans great joy. Now fans humbly wait for their future scenes to be animated and adapted.

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7. Sanemi x Giyuu

This is one of Demon Slayer’s most unexpected ships that has gotten a lot of attention the yaoi fans of the series. And the fact that it is based on just imagination without any complementary material makes it completely fanon.

Fans seem to love it, as the personalities of both characters truly contrast.

Giyuu is the logical and cool guy, while Sanemi is the passionate and dedicated one. It also helps that the few times they are shown interacting, we see their respect for each other.

This was enough for some fans to ship them and declare them the best ship ever.

8. Tamayo x Yushiro

While many of the ships are based on human characters, fans do sometimes ship demons together. Such as in the case of Tamayo and Yushiro.

While they might come off as students and masters, do not let that fool you.

Yushiro is also shown to be in love with Tamayo, as she is the one who saved him.

This resulted in Yushiro becoming a student of Tamayo and helping her kill Muzan.

While their story doesn’t have a good ending, that doesn’t mean that they’re not a great couple. Fans still want this ship to sail, as it shows love can bloom even in the direst of situations.

9. Sanemi x Nezuko

Sanemi and Nezuko is a ship that truly shows the true nature of the Demon Slayer fandom.

This is because when Sanemi was first shown, he was seen as a menace to Nezuko and Tanjiro.

But after a few arcs, when Nezuko regains her humanity, we are shown Nezuko thinking Sanemi is handsome. This was enough for the fans to start shipping them together.

While it will never be canon, fans of the ship claim them to be the best couple. Because it involves the kind-hearted Nezuko trying to fix the jagged Sanemi.

This ship also shows how fans will latch onto the simplest things to justify their ships.

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10. Douma x Shinobu

One of the last ships on the list has gained a large following in recent years. This is the ship for Douma and Shinobu.

Now, many manga readers will no doubt find this ship to be downright horrendous.

This is justified as both characters have a deep hatred for one another. A hatred that was birthed when Douma killed Shinobu’s elder sister Kanae.

Most fans of this ship say that its forbidden nature lured them in. It also didn’t help that many artists drew beautiful illustrations of this ship, which gave it more attraction.

Not to mention, seeing sworn enemies slowly fall in love is one of the oldest tropes in romance stories.

Whatever the reason, this ship shows that no character is safe from the wandering eyes of the fandom.

In conclusion, the top 10 ships in Demon Slayer showcase a diverse range of romantic pairings that captivate fans. These relationships enrich the story while proving that love truly knows no bounds in the world of demon-slaying.