Tracklist and Trailer Released for Nao Toyama’s Third Full Album “Welcome to MY WONDERLAND”

What You Need to Know:

  • Nao Toyama’s third full album “Welcome to MY WONDERLAND” will be released on September 28. Today, detailed information about the album’s contents was revealed.
  • The album will feature a total of 14 songs, including two instrumental tracks. The seven new songs are based on amusement park themes, such as attractions and shows that can be enjoyed at Rainbow Wonderland, a fantastical theme park at the foot of the rainbow. The two instrumental tracks are the park’s background music. The remaining five songs are anime theme songs.
  • The album starts with “After the Rain -instrumental-,” the background music that plays when Rainbow Wonderland opens, and “Welcome to Rainbow Wonderland!”, a parade song that plays as cute characters welcome guests to the park. This is followed by a variety of other songs, including “Glass no Yoru” by Yoshimasa Teru, which is based on a house of mirrors, and “Sapphire Town Twilight” by TAKU INOUE, which seeks to capture the feeling of an amusement park at night.
  • The five anime songs include “Aruite Ikou!”, the OP theme of Asteroid in Love, and an original song titled “OVER!!”, which was written by Nao Toyama herself and arranged by Shota Horie, who writes songs for PENGUIN RESEARCH and composes Vocaloid music under the stage name “Kemu.”
  • The album ends with “After the Rainbow -instrumental-”, the background music that plays when Rainbow Wonderland closes. This album, which celebrates the 5th anniversary of Nao Toyama’s debut as a singer, is full of colorful songs that will make you feel as if you’re visiting an amusement park!
  • In addition, a trailer has been released for Naobou Growth Project Part 2: Naobou GP! Theme Park Scenario, a movie that will be included in the Blu-ray disk of the First-Run Limited Edition. Featuring Yoko Hikasa as a special guest, it depicts Nao Toyama’s growth as she takes on challenges at Fuji-Q Highland amusement park.
  • 5th Anniversary Webpage:
  • Trailer for Naobou GP! Theme Park Scenario:
  • Release Information

    Title: Welcome to MY WONDERLAND
    Artist: Nao Toyama
    Release date: September 28, 2022

    First-Run Limited Edition
    Format: 1 CD + 1 BD / PN: VTZL-214 / Price: ¥4,950 (inc. tax)

    Standard Edition
    Format: 1 CD / PN: VTCL-60567 / Price: ¥3,300 (inc. tax)

    Animate Limited Edition
    Format: 1 CD + 1 BD + Naobou plush pouch / PN: VTZL-214+ FDMD-361 / Price: ¥7,700 (inc. tax)


    1. After the Rain -instrumental-
    Composition: Shota Horie, Arrangement: Daisuke Okamura (OD), Fujiya
    2. Welcome to Rainbow Wonderland
    Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Kijibato
    3. Growing (ED theme 1 of I’m Quitting Heroing)
    Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Sena Wataru
    4. Samenai Maho (ED theme of Restaurant to Another World season 2)
    Lyrics/Composition: RIRIKO, Arrangement: Tomohiro Nakatsuchi
    5. Glass no Yoru
    Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Yoshimasa Terui
    6. Brand New Show
    Lyrics: Takumi Yumieda, Composition/Arrangement: Hidetaka Morimune
    7. Kurakura
    Lyrics: Takumi Yumieda, Composition/Arrangement: Saqui
    8. de messiah (ED theme 2 of I’m Quitting Heroing)
    Lyrics/Composition: TK, Arrangement: TK, Giga, English lyrics: Mes
    9. Aruite Ikou! (OP theme of Asteroid in Love)
    Lyrics/Composition: Ai Kawashima, Arrangement: Takuro Iga
    10. Magic Hour
    Lyrics: Shizuna Suzuki, Composition: Satomi Kawasaki, Arrangement: Masaki Iehara
    11. Ano Hi no Kotoba (OP theme of Ascendance of a Bookworm season 3)
    Lyrics: Sakura Fujiwara, Composition: SoichiroK / Nozomu.S, Arrangement: Soulife
    12. Sapphire Town Twilight
    Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: TAKU INOUE
    13. OVER!!
    Lyrics/Composition: Nao Toyama, Arrangement: Shota Horie
    14. After the Rainbow -instrumental-
    Composition: Shota Horie, Arrangement: Daisuke Okamura (OD), Fujiya

    *All formats include the same songs

    First-Run Limited Edition bonuses
    1. Naobou Growth Project Part 2: Naobou GP! Theme Park Scenario
    2. Music videos: Aruite Ikou, off, Guu, Samenai Maho, Ano Hi no Kotoba

    Rainbow Wonderland park map

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