Watch ‘MF Ghost’ Anime Third Trailer

After delivering a teaser revealing a new Eurobeat soundtrack, the official website for the upcoming MF Ghost anime has now delivered a new trailer for the adaptation of Shuuichi Shigeno‘s Initial D manga. Serving as the third promotional trailer for the anime, the release is accompanied by a new main visual and list of both the cast and staff involved in the project.

The new trailer for the MF Ghost anime sets the scene for the series while going through the key characters to be explored in the first season. Most notably offering a look at the backstory of protagonist Kanata Katagiri (Kanata Livington) and teasing the appearance of beloved Initial D characters. Following the manga, Ryosuke and Keisuke Takahashi will play a major part in the MFG with their “Dream Project” initiative, along with Takumi Fujiwara’s friends Kenji, Koichiro Iketani, and Itsuki Takeuchi.

Watch the third trailer for MF Ghost expected to release later this year above.

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