We Interviewed Voice Actor Aidan Mecchi

We had the pleasure of chatting with voice actor Aidan Mecchi. Aidan is the voice of August Hills in our upcoming web series “I Married a Monster on a Hill” If you want to learn more about Aidan’s work be sure to check out the interview and ALL social links!

What inspired you to become a voice actor?

As a trans man, I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my “self.” Finding ways to be someone else for a little while felt so freeing while I was figuring myself out. It started with wearing cosplays to conventions, and then I started getting in lines to meet voice actors for some of my favorite characters. It made me realize that, hey, if I put in the work, I could be here at cons with the idea in peoples’ minds that I’m X character. It was another chance to become someone else in a way. And then the rest is history!

What advice would you give to new voice actors?

Before anything, before you invest in a big expensive mic and interface and all the other goodies, get training!! Acting lessons, voice over lessons, mic technique lessons, audition lessons, anything and everything. Be a sponge! You won’t be able to go anywhere with those new toys if you don’t know what you’re doing behind the mic.

What type of characters do you enjoy voicing the most?

I’d have to say, probably villains or characters that are hurt beyond repair!! Villains are so fun to dive into and be evil, and hurt characters have so much depth that I get to feel the emotions with them

What is your biggest success story as a voice actor?

My journey so far has been a slow one because I’ve been learning how to navigate, but I think my biggest success so far has been how many different skills, character voices, accents, etc. that I’ve been able to learn! Having a growing arsenal of traits to pull from, and learning then honing them has felt like such a huge success.

What are your goals as a creative?

Besides to improve and hone my skills, I’d really love to be able to move people to emotions. Any and all emotions. I want people who listen to what I’m in to feel things with my characters.

As the voice of August Hills in All Ages of Geeks upcoming web series “I Married a Monster on a Hill” what are you looking forward to?

I’m so excited for everything, honestly!! I’m looking forward to learning more about August as a character, to live their life with Bevvy, and I’m incredibly excited to be able to be a queer actor playing a queer character, to tell our stories authentically.

What are you currently working on?

As of right now, I just finished up recording a few game trailers last month, and of course IMMH! I’m recovering from surgery, so I made sure not to overbook myself before I had to be down for it, but I’ll certainly have more projects in the future once I get back on the audition train!

8.Where can people support your work?

People can find me as “ghostouji” on most sites!

You can learn more about Aidan and “I Married a Monster on a Hill” Here!

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