Yen Press Acquires Five New Titles!

School-Live! Letters

Story by Norimitsu Kaihou

Art by Sadoru Chiba

Now that the apocalypse is over, the former School Living Club members moved on to new stages in their lives. With each member walking a different path, letters help everyone remember the past, live for the present, and stay connected with each other.

Hirano and Kagiura (novel)

Original Story and Character Design by Shou Harusono

Story by Kotoko Hachijo

It all started when Akira Kagiura moved into the dorms. He was supposed to have a normal roommate relationship with a normal guy, so the last thing he expected was someone like Taiga Hirano. Although his first impression was of a bad boy delinquent, Hirano’s mother hen nature quickly turned it on its head. And so, over the course of the first six months together, he falls hard for the perfect man…

From the creator of Sasaki and Miyano, comes the beginning of Hirano and Kagiura’s love story!

Assorted Entanglements

By Mikanuji

Discover a variety of stories about women’s love, starting with Iori, a twenty-eight-year-old office worker who sets out to drown her love and job sorrows in booze. When she wakes up next to someone, she can’t believe her partner was Minami, a worker at the bar who doesn’t want to forget what they have!

Bride of the Barrier Master (novel)

By Kureha

Long ago, Japan was protected by five crystal pillars. Though eighteen-year-old Hana Ichise was born to one of the branch families that defend the pillars using supernatural abilities, she has lived in the shadow of her brilliant twin sister, Hazuki, from a young age. When Hana finally awakens to powers of her own one day, however, she opts to hide them out of a desire to complete her high school education in peace. That is, until Saku Ichinomiya, the arrogant yet powerful head of her family’s primary branch, falls for Hana and forces her into signing a marriage contract with him. But can Hana rise to her true potential under the wing of her husband-to-be?


Story by BitterSweet

Art by Kei

SOTUS is an educational system in which upperclassmen impose “trials” upon underclassmen. Arthit, leader of the engineering seniors, plans to put his new juniors through a harsh training regimen to earn the symbol of their major—the gear. However, a first-year named Kongpob causes new headaches for Arthit when he declares he’ll snatch the gear from him: “I’ll make you my wife!”

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