10 Anime Heroes Who Were Born With Their Powers

Many anime prefer to have heroes work for their powers. The milestones of progression allow the main protagonist’s new abilities feel “deserved” and provide a satisfying catharsis, especially for audiences who seek them as inspiration to reach their own goals.

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However, other anime heroes are lucky. Instead of exerting themselves to earn every ounce of strength, they were already born with tremendous potential. They may have received supplementary training to grow even stronger, though hard work wasn’t necessary to make them forces of nature.

10/10 Tamaki’s Ignition Ability Enhances Her Reflexes

Fire Force

A proud member of Fire Force‘s Company Eight, Tamaki’s Ignition Ability plays a major part in augmenting her combat skills. It significantly increases her dexterity, speed, and reflexes, which enables her to fight nimbly against the White-Clad’s most persistent agents.

Due to her special ability, Tamaki does not need to train nearly as hard as characters like Obi or Arthur in order to meet expectations. However, she often finds herself in the role of a damsel in distress, needing to be saved by other heroes due to her poor work ethic.

9/10 Todoroki’s Quirk Was Also A Curse

My Hero Academia

In theory, My Hero Academia‘s Shoto Todoroki should be grateful for his Quirk. It ranks among the strongest powers in the series, meaning that he doesn’t need to train nearly as hard in order to become a pro. This was seen during the test against Lemillion, where Todoroki was the only classmate to “opt-out.”

However, the strength Todoroki was born with is also a curse. It made Endeavor completely obsessed with grooming him as a successor, which in turn destroyed their entire family. Endeavor wronged Todoroki so profoundly that he attempts to atone for his actions to this day.

8/10 Inuyasha Was Born A Half-Demon


Given that the titular protagonist of Inuyasha was the son of a powerful demon, his inherent strength makes sense. When enraged, he could extend his talons, increase his physical attributes, and even rip apart larger opponents with his bare hands.

In addition to being genetically privileged, Inuyasha also had the luxury of an excellent inheritance. His Tessaiga is one of the only weapons capable of harming Naraku and defeating Sesshomaru in battle. The only way Inuyasha really “improved” was through enchanting in a number of ways so that he could circumvent Naraku’s latest incantations.

7/10 Polnareff Was Born With His Stand

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Whether hero or villain, many JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure characters develop their Stands later in life. For example, Jotaro only discovered it in adulthood, and many of those touched by the Stand arrow received one even later.

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Nonetheless, Polnareff’s inherent familiarity with Silver Chariot was a major advantage. Not only does it suggest he is more comfortable using it to defeat less experienced opponents, it also saved his life in his battle against Alessi. Without a weakened version of Chariot to protect himself with, the predator would have been able to finish Polnareff off easily.

6/10 Naruto Was Imbued With Kurama As An Infant


When Kurama attacked Konoha in Naruto, the village rallied together in order to stop him. With their final breaths, Kushina and Minato helped to seal the creature within their newborn son in hopes of pacifying and perhaps even harnessing his power many years later.

The Nine-Tails made Naruto feared and distrusted by other members of the village, which caused him great emotional turmoil. All the same, Killer Bee helped him refine Kurama’s power and work in perfect tandem with him.

5/10 Ryuko Was The Result Of A Life Fiber Experiment

Kill La Kill

Shortly after Ryuko’s birth, Ragyo performed an experiment that’d transform her into a human/life fiber hybrid. Presumed a failure, she was discarded and made to live with her father. In the end, she had no idea of the power she possessed until near the end of Kill La Kill.

Ryuko’s condition proved to be a monumental asset. It meant that no blade could fully rip her apart unless applying pressure evenly from both sides. It even helped Ryuko survive being impaled through the chest.

4/10 Meliodas’ Demonic Properties Strengthened Him Exponentially

Seven Deadly Sins

Meliodas was more than just a captain in Seven Deadly Sins. As the direct son of the Demon King himself, he was born with physical attributes beyond mortal imagination. His strength was so great that he was deliberately weakened in order to keep his darker side in check.

Regardless, Meliodas made his potential known the further the series progressed. When fully reattaining his old power, there was no knight or demon alive who could stop him from getting what he wanted… for better or worse.

3/10 Greed Was Born With The Ultimate Shield Ability

Fullmetal Alchemist

As the only homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist to become a hero, Greed’s toolkit was perfect for the job. His “Ultimate Shield” technique made it so that he could protect his weaker allies, or “possessions,” from harm.

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Interestingly, Greed’s hardening has been a consistent asset throughout the series. Whether in his original body or being forcibly fused with Ling Yao, he has always maintained the same impervious skill. Its only known counters are alchemy and exceptional speed, and it cannot be broken by any other means.

2/10 Sanji Was A Descendant Of Vinsmoke Judge

One Piece

Vinsmoke Judge’s idea of “wanting the best for his children” had a very different meaning in One Piece. He genetically enhanced them so that they would be indomitable conquerors for the Germa empire in adulthood.

However, Sanji’s interest in cooking estranged him from the family, and he never could keep up with his brothers. Eventually, he was made to live on his own, only surpassing his siblings by joining Luffy and undergoing his own unique adventures. In the end, Sanji is one of the few Straw Hats to be born with greater strength and endurance than most.

1/10 Bakugo Flaunted His Quirk Constantly

My Hero Academia

Bakugo prided himself on the power of his “Explosion” Quirk. He flaunted it throughout childhood and used it in order to justify his own conception of superiority over Deku.

However, after Deku developed One For All and defeated Bakugo in a training exercise, he rapidly grew insecure about his lot in life. When interrogating his childhood rival about the nature of his abilities, he refused to believe that All Might chose him until finding out firsthand. Bakugo’s strength may fuel his competitiveness, but it also makes him glaringly insecure.

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