10 Anime Series That Would Make Great Otome Games

Otome games are visual novels where the player becomes the protagonist and steps into their world for a while. Many of them have a romantic aspect where players can pick which love interest route they’d like to take. Though many of them are romantic, potential new players shouldn’t go into the genre solely expecting fluffy, lighthearted storylines.

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There are plenty like that, but the best ones have darker themes and intense plots that immerse players in the story. A few otome games have been adapted into anime series, and vice versa. Plenty of anime series would make entertaining otome games.

This article mentions self-harm in relation to an anime character. Please proceed with caution.

10/10 Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast For Spirits Has A Charming Cast & Interesting Premise That Would Be Perfect For An Otome Game

Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast For Spirits follows Aoi, a girl who can see supernatural beings from the Hidden Realm. Her grandfather had the same power and taught her how to coexist with paranormal creatures. But unfortunately, he died, leaving Aoi on her own to fend for herself and fight off evil spirits.

One day, Aoi was teleported to the Hidden Realm and had to take over an eatery to pay off her grandfather’s debts. Kakuriyo is full of charming yokai, tengu, and other supernatural entities that would make for a great otome game, similar to Cafe Enchante.

9/10 The Fate Series Deserves A Good Otome Game

The Fate series has enthralled fans with light novels, anime, and countless video games throughout the years. It’d be interesting to see how an otome game would fare with the rest of the content fans already have.

The Fate series has an extensive cast of characters and intricate worldbuilding, so it’d be the ideal candidate to receive an otome adaptation. Fans have already been speculating about which characters would have a route in a Fate otome game. Many hope that Gilgamesh, Archer, Jekyll, and Hyde will have playable routes.

8/10 Haikyuu! Would Make For A Fun, Lighthearted Otome Game

Haikyuu! has an extensive cast of characters and tons of lovable husbandos from all of the different teams. In the unlikely event that Haikyuu! were to receive an otome adaptation, it’d be a lighthearted game where the players could choose which of their favorite characters’ routes to explore.

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The excitable Shoyo Hinata is a shoo-in for a route, but other characters are just as worthy. Fukurodani’s excitable Bokuto Koutaro, Inarizaki’s Miya Twins, the clean freak Sakusa Kiyoomi, and Nekoma’s scheming captain, Kuroo Tetsurou, would all have pretty entertaining routes.

7/10 Hellsing Would Make A Thrilling Dark Fantasy Otome Game

Everybody loves a good vampire story, especially with Halloween right around the corner. Hellsing wouldn’t seem the most likely or even sensical candidate for an otome adaptation at first, but it’d be a pretty top-notch title if it came to fruition.

It’d be a thrilling dark fantasy title, like Nightshade. Fans would become immersed in Alucard’s twisted world, even if they don’t play through his route. There could also be routes for Integra, Walter, and Pip. Plus, it could have two separate routes for each character, one with a “good” ending, and one with a typical horror movie “bad” ending.

6/10 A Few Of Demon Slayer’s Hashira Are Solid Candidates For An Otome Route

Demon Slayer’s Hashira are some of the series’ most interesting characters, and many of them attribute to the anime’s best husbandos. Demon Slayer’s premise alone is entertaining enough for an otome game, and a few of the Hashira would be strong candidates for their own routes in a potential adaptation.

Tengen, Rengoku, Obanai, Giyu, and Muichiro would all have entertaining routes. Given Demon Slayer’s nature, it’d be fitting to have two separate endings, one “good” and one” bad,” for each route. It’d be similar to Nightshade or Birushana.

5/10 Ouran High School Host Club Has An Otome Game, But It Could Use A Reboot

Ouran High School Host Club has an otome game available on Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS. It introduced a few new characters and made the player become Haruhi. It had a few unique mechanics that truly immersed players in the world of the Host Club. It was an overall lighthearted visual novel.

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The game was only available in Japanese and doesn’t quite hold up today. As a result, many Ouran fans think it’s time for the game to receive a reboot that’d be made available on Switch.

4/10 Yona Of The Dawn Would Be An Interesting Otome Game

Yona Of The Dawn is an action-packed shojo series that would make a pretty entertaining otome game, similar to Birushana, Nightshade, and Code: Realize. Players could become Yona when they start the game and have a few different routes to choose from.

Hak’s would ideally be the route at the end, making it the “true” plotline of the game. Kan Tejun, Jaeho, Su-Won, and Shin-Ah would be candidates for a route. Yun, Kija, and Zeno could make entertaining routes, but they’d also work as important side characters in the game. It could also have dual endings, one good and one bad.

3/10 Players Could Experience The Sohma Family’s Drama First-Hand With A Fruits Basket Otome Game

Fruits Basket is the juggernaut of shojo anime. Fans are confused as to why it’s not yet received its own otome game. The Sohma family is full of worthy candidates to receive a route, like Shigure or Hatsuharu. Players wouldn’t necessarily have to become Tohru, either.

Characters like Kureno, Ayame, and Yuki would also have entertaining routes. Even side characters like the student council’s resident goofball, Kakeru Manabe, would be fun to get close to in an otome game.

2/10 A Kuroko’s Basketball Otome Game Would Give Each Member Of The Generation Of Miracles Their Own Route

Kuroko’s Basketball is full of memorable characters, but the Generation of Miracles truly stole the show. From the charming copycat Kise Ryota to the rough-around-the-edges Aomine Daiki, there’s a basketball player for everyone in this group of oddballs with overpowered moves.

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If Kuroko’s Basketball received its own otome game, each member of the Generation of Miracles would receive their own route. Of course, Kagami would have a route, too. Still, it’d be interesting if his route weren’t playable until players complete the previous six routes for Aomine, Kuroko, Midorima, Kise, Akashi, and Murasakibara.

1/10 Bungou Stray Dogs Would Be A Smash-Hit Otome Game

Bungou Stray Dogs is a beloved seinen series about gangs that rule Yokohama. They’re always at each other’s throats, but their shared love of the city unites them. Bungou Stray Dogs is home to several lovable characters, like the suicidal Dazai Osamu and the highly-organized Kunikida Doppo.

Fans agree that if Bungou Stray Dogs were to receive its own otome game, it’d be a smash-hit. It’d feel reminiscent of Collar X Malice or Piofiore: Fated Memories. Dazai, Chuuya, Kunikida, Atsushi, Ranpo, and even Akutagawa would be viable candidates for routes in a Bungou Stray Dogs otome game.

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