10 Anime That Celebrate The Beauty Of Nature

Nature is always an important theme in media, and that goes for anime as well. Many different series utilize elements of nature to tell their story, and many encourage viewers to appreciate their surroundings. Anime uses stunning visuals to capture the true beauty of the world, enhancing the many gorgeous aspects of nature that most tend to take for granted in everyday life.

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Nature often plays a big role in storytelling within anime, teaching fans about its importance in life and even warning them of the consequences of not taking care of it. With breathtaking art and animation, profound messages, and fine detail, many anime depict nature at its very best, celebrating its beauty and majesty.

10/10 Mushishi Shows Fans The Mystery Of The World

Mushishi is a breathtaking series about the wonders of the natural world. It follows the journey of Ginko, a mysterious man who travels the world in search of supernatural creatures known as Mushi. While most are unable to see them, Ginko has the ability to, and he uses this power to help those in need.

The series is slow-paced and thought-provoking, touching on the bond between man and nature, as well as the meaning of life and existence. With its gorgeous scenery and stunning animation, it fully immerses viewers in its world and allows them to appreciate the simple beauty of life.

9/10 Laid-Back Camp Is A Relaxing Story Of The Great Outdoors

For fans of camping, Laid-Back Camp is the perfect series to celebrate the great outdoors. It’s the story of a group of young girls who discover a mutual passion and form a camping club together. From there, they travel to all sorts of picturesque locations where they can kick back and enjoy the wonders of nature.

The series is filled with gorgeous scenery that’s sure to make anyone appreciate the natural beauty of the wilderness. Its relaxing tone and slow pace allow viewers to really take in the setting and unwind, showcasing the joys of camping.

8/10 Garden Of Words Brings Nature To Life With Its Gorgeous Visuals

Coming from the famed Makoto Shinkai, it’s no surprise that Garden of Words is a visual treat. His renowned style captures the true beauty of nature, making it practically come to life through the screen. This beloved film tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a high school student and a mysterious woman he meets during the rainy season.

Every day, the pair meet in a secret garden to open up about their troubles and unwind together. Garden of Words has all the usual ambiance of a Makoto Shinkai film, but its beautiful natural setting only adds to the calm and serenity fans usually associate his works with.

7/10 Silver Spoon Celebrates Life In The Countryside

While most slice-of-life series take place in a high school or city setting, Silver Spoon is a little bit different. It features the simple country life, following the journey of Yuugo Hachiken, who enrolls in Ooezo Agricultural High School and moves to the countryside after living in the city his whole life.

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Though he’s excited to begin anew, Yuugo quickly learns that farm life is harder than he first thought. Nevertheless, he’s up for the challenge, and his adventures give viewers a look at what country life is all about, all while teaching them to appreciate its beauty.

6/10 Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind Shows The Resilience & Strength Of Nature

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is the iconic Studio Ghibli story, set in a post-apocalyptic world of toxic waste. But despite the damage humanity has caused, Mother Nature is slowly taking back the land, and beauty can be found still, even in the most unlikely places.

The film teaches viewers about nature’s strength and resilience, showing that it’s able to withstand just about anything humanity throws at it. Humans may be powerful, but according to Nausicaa, they don’t stand a chance against the power of the natural world.

5/10 A Place Further Than The Universe Takes Fans On An Unforgettable Expedition

While anime always take place in amazing worlds and settings, few are quite as unique as A Place Further Than The Universe. This incredible slice-of-life series centers around a group of young girls who embark on an expedition to Antarctica.

Plenty of series have shown fans the beauty of forests, oceans, and countryside, but this anime takes its audience to a world few have ever seen. It celebrates nature in a way no other series has before, showing the hidden beauty in often-forgotten parts of the world.

4/10 Miyori’s Forest Reminds Fans Of The Magic Of Nature

Miyori’s Forest is a rather obscure anime film, featuring a sad and lonely young girl named Miyori. After her parents abandon her, Miyori becomes distant from all other people, refusing to make any connections with others. However, her life changes after she goes to live with her grandmother in the countryside.

There, she begins to frequent the nearby forest and discovers a world of magical beings who dwell in the woods. The more she gets to know these strange creatures, the more Miyori begins to change and open her heart back up. The film is a whimsical tale that reminds the audience that nature has a magic of its own that’s worth protecting.

3/10 Children Of The Sea Teaches Fans All About The Ocean’s Beauty

Children of the Sea is a beloved film about the mysterious world beneath the ocean waves. It follows the story of Ruka Azumi, a girl whose life changes forever after she meets a boy with a strange connection to water named Umi.

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The two become fast friends, and soon they embark on a journey under the sea, learning about a forgotten world that lives deep below the water’s surface. With breathtaking visuals and animation as fluid as the water itself, the film perfectly captures the beauty of the sea and its remarkable marine life.

2/10 The Red Turtle Conveys Nature’s Overwhelming Power Over Humanity

The Red Turtle is a French-Japanese film, featuring one man’s struggle for survival as he tries to escape a deserted island. It’s a classic man vs. nature story as the man desperately tries to escape the clutches of the island, only to be thwarted every time by a mysterious red turtle.

This powerful film is a stark reminder of the harshness and might of nature. Though it’s beautiful and worthy of celebration, humans are ultimately powerless against it. Instead of fighting against its whims, this film reminds viewers that it’s far better to work with nature and take in its abundance.

1/10 Princess Mononoke Is Studio Ghibli’s Most Famous Environmental Film

Any Ghibli fan knows that celebrating nature is what the studio’s films are all about. However, it goes without saying that Princess Mononoke has one of the strongest environmental messages of any Ghibli film. This beloved classic shows the beauty and magic of nature like never before, reminding everyone of the importance of wildlife and the natural world.

The story follows the epic journey of a young prince named Ashitaka, who finds himself caught in a war between the people of Irontown and the creatures of the forest. After meeting a mysterious girl raised by wolves, Ashitaka slowly begins to learn the value of the forest and its inhabitants and fights to bring peace to the warring sides. Princess Mononoke is a breathtaking adventure that encourages its audience to always appreciate the world around them and all creatures on Earth.

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