10 Anime-Themed MMORPGs In The App Store Worth Playing

Anime has quickly become one of the most popular forms of media due to its cute character designs and excellent animation. It’s no wonder mixing anime with online RPG gameplay would result in a winning formula. Because of the great blend of anime and RPG, the anime-themed MMORPG has become a trend in mobile gaming.

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Whether anime-esque character designs or an actual story derived directly from a specific show, anime is everywhere in mobile MMOs. As a result of this over-saturation, the anime RPG has garnered an equal mixture of great and questionable titles. Still, arguably the best mobile MMORPGs out today have anime-themed graphics or storylines, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the genre’s most notable entries.

10/10 The Legend Of Neverland Gives The Term “Fairytale” A Whole New Meaning

The Legend of Neverland is an adventure RPG with deep character customization. The gameplay is straighforward to start, with only four base classes to choose from, but it has a level of nuance when players get further along.

The graphical style and animation shine in Neverland, keeping it cartoonish enough to retain the anime style while feeling polished enough to appear on a console. The game is by no means perfect or the best MMORPG in the app store, but its unique fairy system and cute art style are enough to keep anime fans and RPG gamers coming back for hours of gameplay. Gamers interested in exploring Neverland’s world can play it on iOS and Android.

9/10 Ragnarok Gets Its First Proper Mobile Port With Eternal Love

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love was the first major Ragnarok Online port to make its way to mobile. With the success and loyal following of the original Ragnarok Online titles on PC, Eternal Love was bound to be a success.

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Ragnarok M: Eternal Love’s gameplay makes some unique departures that fans of the franchise will notice while keeping true to the formula that made the original a classic. The blend of cute anime characters and a 3D world remains. The battle style continues with the auto attack function, but it gets a slight overhaul. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is available to play on both iOS and Android devices.

8/10 Tower Of Fantasy Is One Of The Best-Looking Anime MMORPGs For Mobile

Tower of Fantasy is an awesome-looking game in nearly every way. Mobile MMORPGs have raised the bar in recent years, and Tower of Fantasy leads the pack. The battles are action-packed in Tower Of Fantasy, with a much faster-paced battle system than many other mobile MMORPGs.

Another unique difference between Tower of Fantasy and other MMOs is that the game does not rely on a class system. Instead, it focuses on weapons that players can unlock in classic gacha fashion. Unfortunately, Tower of Fantasy is currently only available to play on iOS devices.

7/10 Dragon Raja Brings MMORPGs Into The Future

Dragon Raja has some of the best graphics and animation in the mobile anime MMORPG genre. Its quirky art style and futuristic atmosphere set it apart from the medieval fantasy setting that characterizes many other MMORPGs.

Dragon Raja also utilizes cut scenes to bring the story out in a more immersive way than other MMOs, which tend to rush directly into the gameplay. For fans of easy-to-play MMORPGs with great graphics, Dragon Raja is an excellent alternative to games like Black Desert. Dragon Raja is available to enjoy on both iOS and Android devices.

6/10 MapleStory M Brings The PC Classic To Mobile

MapleStory M is a mobile-friendly version of the hit side-scrolling MMORPG, MapleStory. MapleStory M stays true to the original game mechanics that made its spiritual ancestor an international sensation while implementing quality of life upgrades that make it more mobile-friendly.

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One notable mobile-friendly change is the auto-battle function, which many mobile MMOs have appropriated. Another change is that the experience curve is lower in MapleStory M compared to the PC version, which requires more grinding to level up. MapleStory M is available to play on both iOS and Android.

5/10 RPG Toram Online Feels like Everything An Anime MMORPG Should Be

RPG Toram Online is one of the most popular mobile MMORPGs. Visually, the game doesn’t do much to compete with graphic-heavy competitors like Black Desert, which adds to its endearing flair.

RPG Toram Online’s graphic and art style comes off like an old-school PlayStation 2 JRPG — and that’s a good thing. RPG Toram Online has simple character customization that allows for a unique look without going over the top or making it a primary focus. The world is immersive, and its auto-battle system controls are simple. Gamers can download RPG Toram Online via the App Store or Google Play.

4/10 Studio Ghibli Meets WoW In Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds

The Ni No Kuni franchise has become very popular on consoles, mainly due to Studio Ghibli’s great work on the visuals, which play out like one of the classic movies the company is known for. Cross Worlds takes that formula and applies it to the MMO world to great success: players follow a well-thought-out story as they travel a beautiful anime-style fantasy world.

Ni No Kuni’s battle system is fun with fantastic animation that should be expected by a franchise that originally came with the Ghibli name attached to it. Cross Worlds is free to download and play on iOS devices.

3/10 Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Lets Fans Adventure With Kirito & Friends

Regarding anime MMORPGs, Sword Art Online: Integral Factor fits the bill in the purest sense. It is an MMORPG based on one of the most popular isekai anime series of all time, Sword Art Online. If this isn’t enough to get gamers interested, there’s also the fact of the gameplay and world itself, which is unique to many other MMORPGs.

The battle system focuses on the user’s weapon type and skills instead of any particular class. There is also a focus on the ability to dodge monsters’ attacks, which makes the game feel more action-packed. The world itself consists of “floors,” much like Sword Art Online, which provides a linear feel while still providing the open-world aspect on each floor. Anime and RPG fans won’t want to pass up Sword Art Online: Integral Factor. The game is currently only available on iOS devices.

2/10 Genshin Impact Isn’t Technically an MMO, But It’s Close Enough

While Genshin Impact isn’t technically an MMO, it has all the gameplay characteristics of one. It consists of a sprawling world to explore with beautiful graphics and all the RPG mechanics that gamers would expect in an MMORPG. Additionally, it is multiplayer — just not massively multiplayer — seeing hundreds of players running around a main town or city.

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While GenshinImpact’s lack of massiveness might take away from the experience for fans who enjoy that, players can still play co-op with up to four others to complete quests. Genshin Impact is one of the most popular games for a reason, and fans of anime-style MMORPGs shouldn’t overlook it. Genshin Impact is available in the App Store and on most consoles.

1/10 Ragnarok Online: Origin Brings The RO Franchise Full Circle

Ragnarok Origin is the most recent Ragnarok Online title released on mobile and a noticeable return to form for the series. The graphics are still updated from the more 2D PC look while maintaining the cutesy vibe that made the series popular. Players will enjoy Ragnarok Origin’s open-world environment.

Ragnarok Origin has some significant upgrades from its predecessors. For example, the cutscenes push the storyline forward and immerse the player even more into the world of Midgard. Players can play Ragnarok Origin on iOS and Android devices.

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