Black Clover Shares Special Art for Anime’s 5th Anniversary

Black Clover’s anime run might be done for now, but the franchise is still going all out for the anime’s newest anniversary with some fun new art! Yuki Tabata’s original manga series is now working its way through the final arc of its run overall with the latest chapters of the series, but the anime came to an end long before this. With 170 episodes under its belt capping off a very impressive several year run, Black Clover’s anime came to an end before the events of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc and far before the final arc of the series.

It’s why fans are hoping to see the anime continue when all is said and done for the manga series (however long that might end up being), and it’s probably why the team behind the anime hasn’t quite forgotten about it either. Director Ayataka Tanemura celebrated the fifth anniversary of Black Clover’s anime release (which originally kicked off on October 3rd in Japan back in 2017) with a special new look at Asta commemorating the occasion. You can check it out as shared by the series’ official Twitter account below: 

Black Clover’s TV anime run might have ended, but there are plans in place to continue the anime franchise with a debut feature film. Currently scheduled for a release in Japan some time next year, it has yet to be revealed what this new movie will actually entail. The manga has gone on for so long that a movie couldn’t serve as a proper full adaptation following where the TV anime actually came to an end, so there’s been a question as to whether or not this could actually be an original story of some sort. 

At the same time, the TV anime could properly return in a few years once the manga has ended its run and fully adapt the final moments from the series. It’s what fans had to deal with from Studio Pierrot previously with Bleach’s anime adaptation, and with that series getting its due this year, hopefully it won’t be a decade long wait before we get to see Black Clover’s anime in action again someday. 

Are you hoping to see Black Clover’s anime return with new material in the future? What moments are you most looking forward to seeing in motion? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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