10 Anime Characters Who Would Join The Cobra Kai Dojo

The titular dojo of Cobra Kai believes in proactive and even aggressive principles. Their philosophy of “Strike Hard, Strike First, No Mercy” is in strict contrast with Miyagi-Do, which prefers much more restrained and balanced techniques.

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Despite the controversies that the Cobra Kai dojo has become mired in, there are many anime characters that would find it preferable over other forms of training. By identifying such characters and the ways that Cobra Kai plays to their strengths, it becomes easier to gauge how their training would benefit them whether as a student or as a sensei.

10/10 Yujiro Settles Only For The Best


Yujiro Hanma was the strongest character in Baki. The peak of physicality and a man whose value is defined by winning, he would deeply appreciate the tenants extolled by Cobra Kai. Their behavior outside the classroom would also be tasteful to him.

Yujiro relishes intimidating people into submission as seen through his interaction with the U.S president, meaning that his new dojo’s tactics would be an asset rather than a liability. As Cobra Kai’s newest sensei, not even Miyagi himself could stand a chance.

9/10 Lucci Would Teach Cobra Kai His Techniques

One Piece

Considering that One Piece‘s Lucci only serves the World Government for a free license to kill, the notion of “striking first” holds novelty to him. It means that he’d be compelled to join the dojo, especially if recruited as one of Silver’s “exotic” sensei.

With mastery over all CP9 techniques, Lucci would enhance Cobra Kai’s students well past their physical limit. The “Finger Pistol” technique works like an enhanced version of the Silver Bullet, and his “Iron Body” would help his pupils endure any crane kick that might come their way.

8/10 Cobra Kai Would Exploit Polnareff’s Rage

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Despite being one of the most popular heroes in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Polnareff has a darker side that is seldom acknowledged. He struck out against J. Geil and Hol Horse in an act of blind rage regardless of being outgunned and outnumbered.

Should Polnareff discover Cobra Kai, they’d quickly help him bridle his drive for revenge, using it to motivate him. By the time Polnareff actually avenged his sister, he’d still be too mired within the dojo to actually leave. In this regard, Polnareff’s story would look much like Kenny’s.

7/10 Zeldris’ Drive To Protect Gelda Would Be Manipulated

Seven Deadly Sins

As a member of Seven Deadly Sins‘ Ten Commandments, Zeldris clearly isn’t beyond doing terrible things to protect those he loves. This was substantiated through his service to the Demon King all in the name of saving Gelda.

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Considering that Danny once joined Cobra Kai to defeat Mike Barnes and keep his girlfriend safe, Silver or Kreese would be more than capable of recruiting Zeldris with enough knowledge about him. Despite Zeldris’ tremendous magical power, he’d still benefit from formal martial art training in the dojo.

6/10 Cobra Kai Would Feed Bakugo’s Drive To Succeed

My Hero Academia

As the most pugnacious member of My Hero Academia‘s Class 1-A, Bakugo has an indomitable drive to succeed. It turned him against his other classmates and proved so volatile that the League of Villains tried to recruit him.

If Cobra Kai promised to make him stronger and pushed him past his limit, Bakugo would respect them more than ever. The only way he wouldn’t join the dojo is if he discovered their history of paying off refs in order to cheat their way into victory.

5/10 Cobra Kai Would Play Off Kurapika’s Anger

Hunter X Hunter

Forced to live through the death of his entire clan, Kurapika ranked among the most dangerous antiheroes in Hunter X Hunter. He became so committed to vanquishing the Phantom Troupe that he didn’t care if he died in the process. As powerful as Kurapika might be, he would still benefit from Cobra Kai’s teachings.

Not only would it add to his already formidable melee abilities, it would help to balance him out against all adversaries. Since Kurapika cannot use Emperor Time against opponents unaffiliated with the Phantom Troupe, he’ll need a more reliable form of protection.

4/10 Eren Would Appreciate The Notion Of Striking First

Attack On Titan

As Attack On Titan‘s most legendary renegade, Eren appreciates the notion of striking first. He unleashed a devastating attack against Liberio after four years of peace and used the Rumbling so that the armies of the world would never threaten Paradis again. This suggests that he has already taken Cobra Kai’s principles to heart.

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While Eren may have benefited from observing Annie Leonhart, adopting Cobra Kai’s techniques would improve him even more. It means that he’d become even more unpredictable against the Warriors and especially the Female Titan herself.

3/10 Zaraki Would Embrace Cobra Kai’s Headstrong Sentiments


Bleach‘s Captain Zaraki only has one rule – become stronger and face opponents that can challenge him. He is so determined to push himself that he will even limit his spiritual pressure in life-or-death battles.

This suggests that Zaraki would be a fantastic sensei, especially given that Cobra Kai has dabbled in a wide variety of weaponry. Since they don’t technically have a sensei to teach arms yet, Zaraki would fulfill a desirable niche much better than Silver ever might.

2/10 Cobra Kai Would Appreciate Kallen’s Commitment

Code Geass

Kallen was the strongest pilot in Code Geass by a significant margin. She refused to be left out of any battle no matter how dangerous it was, which suggests that she has the guts it takes to serve Cobra Kai.

Although Kallen is powerful in her Nightmare, she has much to learn in single combat. This means that Cobra Kai is in a position to help her, as she needs every advantage she can get in order to remain a challenge to Suzaku of the Holy Britannian Empire.

1/10 Vinsmoke Judge Would Respect Cobra Kai’s Techniques

One Piece

Recently, Cobra Kai has increased its technology and found technological ways to optimize student training. Vinsmoke Judge would respect their commitment to the scientific process, lending his own resources in order to form a generation of deadly Germa 66 warriors.

Judge himself is familiar with training the young, as he’s done with his own children. He is also committed to winning at any cost, proven through his willingness to sacrifice Sanji so that he can procure a partnership with Big Mom. Between these two factors, he’d make an excellent collaborator for the dojo.

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