Top 10 Best Anime Series to Watch on Netflix (Oct 2022)

Published on October 13th, 2022

Netflix entered the race of platforms that stream anime in 2014 when they released their first anime original series, “Knights of Sidonia.” This anime was handled by the 3D animation studio “Polygon Pictures,” which is famous for “Ajin” and “Ghost in a Shell movie.” Since then, Netflix has been picking up the pace and giving us some fantastic anime series.

In addition, Netflix is also buying the rights to many existing anime series, allowing fans to watch their famous show officially. But today, we will talk about Netflix-exclusive anime series that aren’t found on any other platform.

Here are 10 of the recently released and licensed best anime series on Netflix that you can watch and enjoy!

10. DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (2021)

Number of Episodes 24 episodes
Animation Studio Studio Mir
Personal Rating 8.00

Synopsis: Based on the world-famous Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game (MOBA) DOTA-2, “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” is an anime series that takes place in a fantasy world where dragons and demons prevail. A particular race of dragons named Eldwurm is considered very wise and strongest and only eight of them are left alive.

One day, Davion who is a dragon hunter crosses paths with a dangerous demon and makes it out of battle, barely alive. Unfortunately, Davion merges with Ember Eldwyrm Slyrak, who wants to kill all demons from the world. What happens when two people with different thinking stay in a single body? The story progresses as Davion and Slyrak team up to face the dangerous demon TerrorBlade and his allies!

9. Yasuke

Number of Episodes 6 Episodes
Animation Studio Studio MAPPA
Personal Rating 7.50

Synopsis: Inspired by the famous, real-life story of African samurai under the army of Oda Nobunaga (a feudal lord), “Yasuke” follows the story of the same samurai who has left the path of samurai as now he only seeks peace now.

The writer of this anime meddled with history in many ways as he introduced high-tech machinery and advanced weapons which were completely impossible in the era of Nobunaga.

The main story of the anime is of a female singer named Ichika who hires Yasuke as a bodyguard to escort her and her daughter named Saki to safety. Unfortunately, Ichika gets killed on their journey, and Yasuke is left with Saki. Will he be able to escort her to safety now on his own?

8. Super Crooks

Number of Episodes 13 episodes
Animation Studio Studio BONES
Personal Rating 8.00

Synopsis: Based in a world full of heroes, “Super Crooks” follows the story of Johnny Bolt, a washout who was not able to become a superhero and went on the wrong path. It is based on a comic series of the same name.

Johnny, now a worthless person with superpowers, joins the Super Crooks gang, which is full of people who fight crime like heroes but are not credited like them.

This might be Johnny’s chance for redemption in life, but what the Super Crooks are facing is one of the strongest criminals on planet Earth. So, will this group of amoral heroes be able to prevail and challenge such a big enemy?

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7. Tekken: Bloodline (2022)

Number of Episodes 6 episodes
Animation Studio Studio Hibari & Larx Entertainment
Personal Rating 8.50

Synopsis: Based on the renowned video game series, Tekken, the “Tekken: Bloodline” story is set between the Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 game. Jin is a young descendant of the famous Kazama family who is training under his mum. Unfortunately, one day Jin’s other gets killed by the monster Ogre, and now, Jin seeks vengeance.

For this purpose, he starts training under his ruthless grandfather, Heihachi Mishima (The king of Iron Fist). Jin decides to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament to test his abilities where he can compete against other strong fighters from around the world. Will he be able to hone his skills and avenge his mother?

6. Blue Period (2021)

Number of Episodes 12 episodes
Animation Studio Seven Arcs
Personal Rating 8.80

Synopsis: Based on the popular slice-of-life manga of Tsubasa Yamaguchi of the same name, Blue Period follows the story of a teenage boy named Yatora who is bored with life and looking for something interesting. One day, he watched the painting of his senior, and this gave him chills that he has never experienced before.

He also gets inspired by the blue atmosphere of early morning and wants to capture its beauty. For this purpose, he joined the Art Course Study and aims to get admitted to the Tokyo University of Arts. Will he be able to achieve his new aims in life about something he hardly knows anything of?

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5. SPRIGGAN (2022)

Number of Episodes 6 episodes
Animation Studio David Production
Personal Rating 7.50

Synopsis: Based on the manga of the same name which was released in the early 1990s, “SPRIGGAN” takes place in modern times where fighters are present under the title Spriggans.

In old times, most of the world was destroyed because they misused technology and conveyed this message to future generations through writing. A few years later, ARCAM (secret organization) discovers a powerful relic-Noah’s Ark in the mountains of Turkey.

But the US organization, forces-Machine Corps wants this relic to take over the world. Yu Ominae is an ARCAM agent and a Spriggan who is assigned the task of fighting against these US forces and protecting the relic. Will Yu be able to protect this powerful relic from the claws of US agents and prevent the same disaster that destroyed their ancestors?

4. Baki Hanma (2021)

Number of Episodes 12 episodes
Animation Studio TMA Entertainment
Personal Rating 9.00

Synopsis: Similarly, this anime series is also based on a famous old manga from the early 1990s. “Baki” follows the story of a teenage boy named Baki, who just came out from the brutal underground tournament alive. His only aim now is to defeat the strongest man alive, named Yuujirou, who is Baki’s father.

During the underground tournament, Baki defeated many prison inmates, who are now coming out to take revenge. Will Baki be able to defeat them again?

In “Baki Hanma,” the story progresses a bit and Baki now enters the Arizona Prison to face the infamous prisoner who goes by the name Mr. Unchained, to test his powers. Will he be able to face and defeat this infamous prisoner and prove his power?

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3. Castlevania (2018)

Number of Episodes 32 episodes
Animation Studio Powerhouse Animation, Tiger Animation, Mua Film
Personal Rating 9.50

Synopsis: This anime was one of the breakout series of the Netflix original anime series. Based on the video game of the same name released in the 1900s, “Castlevania” takes place in a world where vampires prevail and are controlled by vampire hunters. The vampire lord named Vlad Dracula decided to kill all humanity when the church executed his wife for witchcraft.

He summons deadly creatures and surrounds the whole city with them. What stands between Dracula and genocide is the vampire hunter Trevor and the sorcerer Sypha who have come to terms with Dracula’s son, Alucard. Will this trio be able to stop Dracula from eradicating humanity?

2. Arcane (2021)

Number of Episodes 9 episodes
Animation Studio Fortiche, Riot Games
Personal Rating 9.50

Synopsis: Based on the world-famous MOBA game “League of Legends,” “Arcane” is the story of two characters present in the game. Vi and Jinx are two sisters who live in the under-city named Piltover, where everything is illegal. Their guardian, Vandar tries to keep them safe from everything and give them a good life.

One day, while sneaking into a science facility of Zaun, they come across a relic known as Arcane that has an infinite amount of energy. A series of events follow and now, Vi and Jinx are on opposite sides. Will the mystery of the arcane be revealed, and will these sisters be able to cast their differences apart and be happy again?

1. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (2022)

Number of Episodes 10 episodes
Animation Studio Studio Trigger
Personal Rating 10.0

Synopsis: The most hit anime original series on Netflix is based on the world-renowned video game “Cyberpunk 2077”, “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” takes place in the underworld where people get powered by machines known as implants that give them supernatural quirks. Such people are known as Edgerunners.  David is a poor child who is studying in a famous academy because of his mother’s hard work.

But he gets discriminated against based on his social status and cannot study here anymore. As it is the underworld, David’s mother gets killed in the mishap of some gang fight, and now, David feels like nothing matters. One day, he finds a military-grade implant in his mother’s belongings known as “Sandevistan,” which can be controlled by only a few people on Earth. He installs this implant into himself on a whim, and now, he owns one of the strongest implants in the world.

Will David be able to control it and carry on with his life?

What are your thoughts on the “Top 10 best anime series to watch on Netflix”? Did we miss your favorite anime serial from this platform? Let us know in the comment section down below. We here at Anime Senpai would love to hear from you.

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