Parallel World Pharmacy Epiosde 3 Review 

MinaRose2023 here with another Parallel World Pharmacy Review 

In this episode Falma de Medicie goes to the Queen who is ill. He sees that his father Bruno de Medicie and everyone around her is willing to let her die because they don’t know that there’s medicine to cure her. Falma says he can make the medicine to cure her from Tuberculosis. He goes to the castles lab to make it but his father demands to know what he’s doing and tries to stop him.

Falma uses his powers to build an ice wall to stop his father from stopping him. He later finally makes the medicine and goes to the Queen’s chambers and gives the medicine to her after having shown her a sample of her phlegm and the bacteria that was living inside her lungs. Bruno figures out Falma is not really his son but accepts the gifts from the gods.

Overall it was a good episode to further see how Falma will be able to help people in this world with the knowledge of his old world since he was Reincarnated to this world.