10 Anime Characters Who Would Make The Best Bodyguards

It’s extremely dangerous to live in most anime worlds, especially as a character of prominence. All too often, individuals are captured, attacked, and sometimes even flagrantly killed. Understandably, an ordinary person might not be able to handle such substantial threats on their own.

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Due to the vast number of anime characters qualified to serve as bodyguards, they don’t have to. These soldiers have the strength, experience, and special abilities to put their lives on the line for those they’re charged with protecting. By identifying them, it becomes easier to appreciate what makes them so fearlessly reliable.

10/10 Trafalgar Law Is Great At Making Clean Getaways

One Piece

One Piece’s Trafalgar Law may be a captain, but he’s proven an even more useful servant. His Devil Fruit allows him to teleport anything in a wide radius, meaning that he can whisk his employer out of harm’s way in the blink of an eye.

Should they get injured, Law can also use his abilities to heal their wounds to a significant degree. However, it’s highly unlikely that anyone facing off against him would ever have the chance given Law’s extensive combat experience.

9/10 Neferpitou Was Meruem’s Most Reliable Guardian

Hunter X Hunter

Neferpitou may have been one of Hunter X Hunter‘s most menacing villains, though they were also competent. Their “Doctor Blythe” Nen ability proved equally useful for defense and offense, allowing them to fix virtually any wound or bound viciously back into the fight.

Out of all Meruem’s chimera ants, Neferpitou was selected personally to keep Komugi safe when the Hunter Association attacked the NGL. They turned out to be an excellent choice. When Gon approached, Neferpitou’s catlike instincts kicked in, and they did everything in their power to keep him away from the girl.

8/10 Suzaku Was A Trained Knight

Code Geass

Despite being Japanese, Suzaku was one of Britannia’s most formidable knights in Code Geass. He was personally responsible for Euphymia’s protection, later even defending Zero against a combination of rebel and Black Knight forces.

What makes Suzaku so excellent is that he doesn’t need the Lancelot in order to be deadly. During the series’ final moments, he outflanked an entire military parade in order to stab Lelouch fatally through the chest. He also survived his own mech suit exploding, which is a credit to either his speed or durability.

7/10 Bradley Had Military Training & Superhuman Reflexes

Fullmetal Alchemist

Despite having the least supernatural abilities of any homunculus in Fullmetal Alchemist, Bradley is still incredibly strong. He is capable of perceiving and dodging bullets as they are fired, which has practical applications for making him a bodyguard.

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Another aspect weighing in Bradley’s favor is that he is unquestioningly obedient if motivated properly. He has spent his entire life in Father’s service, suggesting that he will be similarly loyal to a new master. When combined with his military experience, Bradley is a model protector.

6/10 Kirishima Is Durable & Faithful

My Hero Academia

Kirishima’s Quirk makes him the best My Hero Academia character to serve as a bodyguard. By hardening his skin, he can become an impenetrable bulwark for those he has pledged to protect. Better yet, he has already performed such a responsibility on the battlefield, as seen when saving Suneater from Overhaul’s henchmen.

Since Kirishima aspires to be a hero, it should also be relatively easy to procure his services. All one needs to do is cite the danger they are in for him to come running to their aid.

5/10 Syura Can Manipulate The Environment To Protect His Employer

Akame Ga Kill!

As the son of Minister Honest, Syura ranks among the most despicable people of Akame Ga Kill!. Still, his imperial arms is extremely useful when obviating harm and saving his employer.

It allows him to manipulate the dimensions of space itself, meaning that he can send his employer to a safe location at the first sign of trouble. Simultaneously, he is also able to teleport enemies into the vacuum of space – their deaths are almost inevitably guaranteed the moment they face off with him.

4/10 Giorno’s Requiem Stand Makes His Employer Invincible

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

At the conclusion of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure act 5, Giorno became unbeatable. Through evolving his Gold Experience Stand into a requiem, he is now able to reverse anything to the property of zero.

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In other words, all undesirable outcomes such as damage will be completely negated. As a result, whoever Giorno pledges to protect is now impervious to harm so long as he nearby. Even if they become separated, Giorno can still heal their wounds using his Stand’s baseline abilities.

3/10 Obito’s Kamui Can Negate Incoming Damage


Obito’s Kamui is arguably the most defensive countermeasure in Naruto. It allows him to whisk any part of his body to a separate dimension, effectively rendering him intangible against most attacks. Characters without his sharingan are also able to enter, as seen through Sakura.

This means that whenever Obito’s charge is at risk, he can teleport them to safety before confronting the opponent himself. Given that Obito gave his life to protect Naruto from Kaguya, he is willing to put the mission above his own life.

2/10 Mikasa Spent Most Of Her Life Protecting Eren

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan‘s Mikasa Ackerman may not be supplemented by any supernatural powers, though her skill and experience speak for themselves. She spent most of her life saving Eren from Paradis’ worst threats, almost never failing toward that end.

In addition to rescuing Eren from Annie and later the remaining Warriors, Mikasa also bought him the time he needed to defeat Lara Tybur. She will not hesitate to spring into action, as seen when attacking Reiner and Bertholdt after they revealed their true identity on Paradis’ walls.

1/10 Bartholomeo’s Devil Fruit Can Block Any Attack

One Piece

Bartholomeo may not be Luffy’s most charming ally, but his usefulness cannot be denied. His Barrier Barrier Fruit allows him to prop up an impregnable shield that not even emperors can shatter. So long as he has his fingers crossed, this wall will never falter to any attack.

This makes Bartholomeo a perfect bodyguard, as he can protect his employer from harm indefinitely. Given the undying loyalty Bartholomeo showed for Luffy, he’d also prove just as trustworthy so long as one finds a way to earn his respect and adulation. The antihero’s shields will prove indispensable in the final war to come.

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