Sakuraco February 2024 Snack Box Review – 9 Tailed Kitsune

This february, Sakuraco, the sister company TokyoTreat, sent me their Valentine’s Indulgence box for another hands-on review. If you’re not familiar with Sakuraco, it’s a subscription box service from Japan that delivers authentic Japanese snacks worldwide.

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If you’re looking for a detailed review, you can explore my comprehensive Sakuraco review to decide whether it’s worth buying.

Curious about what a typical Sakuraco box holds? Here’s the lowdown.

What’s in the Sakuraco Box – February 2024?

The box arrived faster than usual, as I noted in my TokyoTreat February 2024 review (both arrived simultaneously). Unlike TokyoTreat, Sakuraco was covered in a single layer of plastic that needed removal before accessing the box. It’s slightly smaller than TokyoTreat box.

Each box, be it TokyoTreat or Sakuraco, contains neatly arranged snacks along with an informative English booklet on top. This booklet shares info about the cultural theme, includes beautiful pictures, and provides details on snacks, including their nature, allergens, and vegetarian-friendliness. Occasionally, it even shares insights into how they are made.

There were 14 snacks, with some doubling up. I noticed that Sakuraco boxes tend to favor sweetness more than TokyoTreat. However, there were also some salty options such as crunchy chips or senbei. This box, much like previous ones, brings home goods, chocolates, candy, tea, cakes, daifuku, and a sprinkle of salty surprises.

Favorite snacks

Ume Renkon Chips

Everyone is familiar with regular chips, but have you ever come across chips flavored with fried lotus roots and sprinkled with plum seasoning? I hadn’t either! The flavor was exceptionally robust, leaning towards a very subtle sweet and strongly spicy/salty taste.

Chocolate Danish

Chocolate Danishl looks like a delightful, soft, and sweet bread. And guess what? It tastes exactly like that! I really enjoyed the gently sweet flavor and slightly chocolate taste thanks to its sheet layer inside. It was easy to chew, and every bite was pure enjoyment. Plus, it’s quite sizable!

Wild Grape Gummies

I loved the texture and freshness of these gummies. Additionally, they had a jelly-filled center, making it feel like biting into a delightful surprise.

Peach Dorayaki

I’ve grown accustomed to bean paste since most fillings are made of it. Peach Dorayaki is no different, but it has a twist: there is a subtle white peach flavor added to it, hence the name. This dorayaki was pillowy and delicate; I just wish there were more than 2!

Strawberry Daifuku

Mochi, daifuku, rice cakes – give me all that! I adore these chewy, soft textures more than any other sweet. Almost every time I review a snack box, it becomes my favorite due to my personal preference, and this time was no exception. These were strawberry-flavored but not overwhelmingly sweet.

Final thoughts on Sakuraco’s February 2024 Box

Once again, I was delighted by the excellect selection of the Japanese delights in this Sakuraco box. If you’re a fan of traditional Japanese sweets like me, Sakuraco is the perfect choice.

If you want to experience authenthic Japanese flavors at home, you can get their boxes through different plans. The most affordable is the 12-month subscription, bringing the monthly cost down from $37.50 to $32.50.