10 Anime TikTok Creators That Everyone Should Follow

It’s only a matter of time before the anticipated releases of anime such as Chainsaw Man and the newest season of Mob Psycho. With that being said, the anime genre has exploded in popularity over the past few years, and thanks to the medium of TikTok, such popularity has transformed into a large community full of creative and passionate fans.

Some folk on TikTok go the extra mile for their hobbies, whether it be impressive cosplay, beautiful pieces of art, or those knowledgeable enough in the subject who are willing and patient enough to teach others about it.


10/10 MIMI Does Amazing Cosplay

Long have people dreamed of becoming their favorite anime characters, though unfortunately, the best people can do is emulate how they look. @mimisemaan happens to be a master at that art, though. Her account is dedicated to some of the most accurate-looking cosplay depictions on the internet.

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As if to cement that point, a common act she does is create a video of herself overlapping with the character she’s emulating. That way, she creates a sort of transition when the photo disappears, and she appears in the same pose as the character that had shown up. In any case, she is the perfect account to follow for those who would love to see their favorite characters emulated passionately.

9/10 The Otaku Sage Compares Anime And Manga

@the_otaku_sage is an account dedicated to explaining anime and manga. He does this through a variety of methods but recently has taken to comparing an anime against its manga counterpart. For example, just recently, he compared Naruto chapter 2 to episode 2 in the anime.

In the past, he took a more reactive role, responding to inquiries in his comments and replying to them accordingly. While he does tend to focus on older manga, he has looked at newer works like the best Manga of 2021.

This account is practically the one-stop shop for anything anime related. @youguyvic is an account that focuses its content on all things anime, including anime itself, manga, figurines, clothing, and merchandise. The owner occasionally does rankings as well in regard to a character’s strength or how they stand as a character in general.

VIC also happens to be a good source of news regarding future releases as well. And as such he’s gone ahead and created a few videos of his own regarding recommended shows to watch sometime in the year.

7/10 Lainah Creates Impressive Artwork

Anyone can appreciate art, or at least the effort it takes to make it. @lainahs.art is a talented artist and one of the few who don’t work technologically. Instead, they do things the old-fashioned way, with good old fashioned paper and colored pencils. Of course, they use some other tools, too.

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An interesting thing this account seems to do is use a single character and divide them into four boxes; then, with each box, they draw the character in styles different from the original. The character they choose to draw can vary depending on their mood.

6/10 LINDO Puts Together Anime Edits

Anime edits are an ancient art of the anime community for as long as can be remembered. Thankfully, it also happens to be an art that was carried on into today’s fandom smoothly. @md_lando is one such producer of these edits, and their following of more than 460 thousand followers is more than enough proof to show the quality of their work.

A common theme this creator seems to display is by using some of the best fitness and sports anime of all time to make a sort of motivational music video in tandem with the footage. Along with that, they tend to make recommendations videos of anime that also follow themes as well, collaborated by their edits, of course.

5/10 Spywi’s Mind Palace Makes Their Own Anime

@spywismindpalace is a creator in the process of making their own anime. In fact, most of their journey has been posted by them on their account. Throughout each post, they go through the different steps it takes for someone to make their own anime, sometimes even arguing against folks who call the process easy.

This content creator even goes through the financial process of anime production, which is why there exist records for the most expensive anime of all time. A neat thing about this creator is their confidence, though they sometimes come off as rude when bashing some of their negative comments.

4/10 Atsushi Shows Anime DIY Projects

Who wouldn’t want to recreate the items in anime and bring them to life? While that’s easier said than done, there are those on the internet willing to lead others down that path. Enter @atsushi.anime, a DIY content creator that focuses on showing others the process of recreating said items.

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Their tutorials are short and easy to follow. Generally, the items required to produce the DIY are not at all difficult to acquire, with a high chance that viewers already own them – except for maybe things like paint or a hot glue gun. On the bright side, their account is already full to the brim with tons of work which makes it all the more likely someone will find something to make.

3/10 Richico Gives Anime Recommendations

This anime TikTok account is entirely focused on giving out recommendations to people. @richic_ has their entire account filled with clips from certain anime, each labeled as a recommendation. Of course, along with that in the description of each post is the name of said anime.

Their account is filled solely with anime from the romance genre, which makes it a great account for users who are in the mood to watch some light-hearted romance series. With the account having over several hundred posts, there are literally hundreds of different anime to choose from.

2/10 Pan Piano Covers Famous Anime Music

There don’t exist too many pianists capable of replicating the best anime original soundtracks using just a piano, but just because they’re rare doesn’t mean they don’t exist at all. @panpianoatelier happens to be such a character. Another interesting about her is the fact that for visuals in her content, she herself cosplays as a character or thing from the work she’s playing the music of.

Her work composes of a two-point camera view that switches alternatively as she plays a tune using her piano. Each angle provides a different side of the talented pianist donned in either cosplay of a character or of something more comedic.

1/10 Antero Is A Digital Artist

@anteroarts is an expert when it comes to creating digital art. While there are serious pieces displayed on their account, the occasional comedic post is enough to tell the artist has gotten familiar with their craft. In fact, even some of their serious work seems to hold a fragment of comedy, really giving it a personal feeling as the artist is more focused on what they want.

Along with being an awesome place the account holder uses to share their art, in the description of their account, they offer a link to their YouTube page, where they share tips and tutorials for folks interested in the process of becoming an online artist content creator.

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