10 Anime Women Who Dress To Impress

Japanese anime is packed with memorable characters who dress in various ways, and their self-expression says a lot about any given character. Some characters put work first and are usually seen in uniforms, while other characters don’t dress to impress because they think they have nothing to prove. However, the opposite is also true.

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When a character puts a lot of work into their appearance, such as clothes, accessories, and hairstyles, it means they’re trying to make a good impression. They might be trying to fit into high society where dressing to the nines is expected at dinner parties or in opulent dance halls. Alternatively, the characters are just trendy people who like to keep up with the best of current fashion. Regardless, many eye-catching anime women and teenage girls never fail to look their best.

10/10 Katarina Claes Has A Dazzling Wardrobe

My Next Life As A Villainess

The reborn otome villainess Katarina Claes always dresses well, and it doesn’t hurt that she comes from a wealthy family either. She can buy any gown or set of boots she likes. Katarina is a member of high society and is expected to always look good, which she does without being vain about it.

This new Katarina not only strives to be beautiful on the outside but on the inside too, which vastly boosts her appeal among characters like Mary Hunt, prince Alan, and many more. To Katarina, a true friend is worth more than any ball gown. (She still likes the gown, though).

9/10 Aileen D’Autriche Is The Next Katarina

I’m The Villainess

The blonde villainess Aileen d’Autriche is Katarina Claes all over again, but with some notable differences. For one, she’s interested in getting cozy with the demon king, which is something Katarina never did, and Aileen has stunning blonde hair, so she chooses different colors for her outfits.

Aileen’s default outfit is already great, but she can do more. In one scene early in the anime, Aileen donned a stunning ensemble of black and red complete with a new hairdo. She was the best-dressed lady at the ball, and Claude, Aileen’s new demon king lover, picked out her outfit. He’s got good taste.

8/10 Erika Amano Is An Instagram Model

A Couple Of Cuckoos

The cheerful Erika Amano was swapped at birth with Nagi Umino, meaning Erika was raised by accidental foster parents who could buy her any outfit she wanted. Erika’s wealthy foster parents largely leave Erika to her own devices, so she spends all her time modeling on Instagram to pass the time.

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Erika has a good eye for young women’s fashion. Combined with her natural good looks, this makes her a star on Instagram with many devoted followers. Later, Erika met her long-lost little sister Sachi and lent her a few outfits for free.

7/10 Yor Forger Has An Impressive Wardrobe

Spy X Family

The Thorn Princess assassin, Yor Forger, always looks great. She has a cool black leather outfit with high-heeled boots for assassination work, and in everyday life, Yor is pretty stylish with clean, well-tailored outfits that are the height of Ostanian women’s fashion.

Yor is dazzling in anything, from evening cocktail dresses, coats and gloves, and her usual attire of a red top, tight black pants, and high-heeled boots. No matter what she’s wearing, Yor is ready to leap into action to beat up bad guys and protect her new foster daughter, Anya.

6/10 Leonora Nakiri Always Looks Ravishing

Food Wars!

The world of Food Wars! features plenty of adult characters who dress to impress, including Erina’s father Nazami, who looks sinister yet cool in his gray and black suit ensemble. Then there’s Leonora Nakiri, Alice’s mother and a judge at the Autumn Festival.

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Leonora is probably Food Wars! most endearing and attractive character of all, from her natural beauty to her elegant violet dress and gold accessories. And, of course, she’s a thoughtful and well-educated judge who can fairly evaluate any dish in a culinary competition.

5/10 Chitoge Kirisaki Has A Stacked Closet (Nisekoi)

The cheerful but short-tempered Chitoge Kirisaki is a lot like Erika Amano. She’s a stylish teenage girl who makes the most of her good looks while also having a strained relationship with her parents. Chitoge is often seen in her school uniform, but outside of school hours, it’s time to dress up.

Chitoge’s family is rich, meaning Chitoge has dozens of classy outfits and plenty of shoes and accessories to match. As a result, she’s always the best-dressed character among her friends. She also looks great during her false dates with Raku Ichijo, though she doesn’t brag much. Chitoge lets her outfits speak for themselves.

4/10 Nino Nakano Is Her Own Dress-Up Darling

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Nino Nakano is another tsundere anime girl who always dresses well, and she has a pretty generous closet, too. She and her four identical sisters always look good, but Nino is arguably the best-dressed of the five, and anime fans admire her for that.

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Nino is dazzling on the outside, but on the inside, things are trickier. She kept pushing Futaro away while having a crush on someone she thought was Futaro’s cousin, only to learn that the “cousin” was Futaro himself. Nino is now serious about Futaro, but can she compete with her four sisters?

3/10 Fubuki Is An Elegant B-Ranked Hero

One-Punch Man

The members of the Hero Association can wear any sort of costume or outfit they like, ranging from Metal Bat’s delinquent school uniform to Puri Puri Prisoner’s striped prisoner uniform to Saitama’s distinct yellow, red and white getup. Meanwhile, Fubuki, the younger sister of Tatsumaki, is a sharp dresser indeed.

Fubuki is a knockout in her green gowns, pearl necklaces, gloves, heeled boots, and white fur coats, which is a much fancier outfit than Tatsumaki’s plain black dress. No doubt Fubuki dresses this way because she wants to impress everyone and stand out as the boss of the Blizzard Group.

2/10 Queen Mirellia Melromarc Is An Elegant Monarch

The Rising of the Shield Hero

As the true monarch of the isekai kingdom of Melromarc, queen Mirellia Melromarc always looks her best. She seems to favor silver, lavender, and gold in her outfits, and she also styles her magenta-lavender hair as well. Plenty of jewelry rounds out this royal outfit.

However, isekai fans love Mirellia for more than her outfits, though. She’s also a fair and honorable ruler who never saw Naofumi as a shield devil. Instead, she helped foil the insidious plot of her husband and eldest daughter, and she also led troops into battle. As a bonus, Mirellia also favors cooperation between humans and demi-humans.

1/10 Daki May Be Evil, But She’s Beautiful Too

Demon Slayer

The Upper Moon 6, the demon known simply as Daki, works as an oiran in the entertainment district. In this human disguise, Daki must always look her best, which she does by using fancy hair accessories, colorful high-quality robes, and stylish makeup. As a result, she turns heads everywhere she goes.

However, Daki’s beauty is only skin-deep. Like her brother Gyutaro, Daki is a bloodthirsty monster and an apex predator who enjoys fooling her human prey before devouring them. In a serious battle, Daki will shed her fancy oiran outfit in favor of a much leaner getup that makes rapid movement easier.

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