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Upper Moon 4 or Hantengu is one of the principal antagonists in the Swordsmith Village Arc of the Demon Slayer series. In the series Upper Moon the series, his rank was elevated to that of number 4, and is the only demon who is a part of his fellow demons, the Twelve Kizuki.

Muzan Kibutsuji stumbled upon Hantengu trapped in a cell. He then determined to transform himself into the form of a demon. After being turned into a demon Hantengu killed an officer who put him in a cell initially.

As a person who was assigned the task of destroying the Swordsmith village together with Gyokko and the immortality of his body Hantengu has to be one of the more irritating characters, we’ve ever encountered. Hantengu can split himself into six distinct personas and demons with each one having a distinct personality.

In this article, we’ll discuss all you must know about the Upper Moon 4 Hantengu from whom the moon is in its upper part to its full capabilities.

The Hantengu forms of all individuals

1. Hantengu

In his most basic form, Hantengu is a character with a timid personality. He is easily scared by any person and exhibits a great deal of fear, delusion, and fear. He’s also seen crying when he’s faced with a minor inconvenience and is likely to flee the scene when he feels the threat is significant enough.

Hantengu is delusional because he believes that he’s innocent and ought to have no punishment for anything, even though we’ve seen him murder people. Not just in his actual demon form, but also witnessing his crimes as a human being.

Hantengu from Upper Moon 4 loves to eat, kill and destroy people, but he expects the world to accept his crimes.

2. Sekido

Sekido is Hantengu’s anger-based form. Sekido is always angry, angry, and angry. Even when it comes to his co-workers and fellow demons He doesn’t have any sympathy for them and can easily be annoyed. Sekido isn’t interested in any person and is the dominant character among Hantengu’s demons.

3. Karaku

Karaku is the more calm and relaxed form of Hantengu. He’s a relaxed and laid-back character who battled Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya. He was always praising the main characters, and instead of seeing the fight as a serious battle, the fight was seen as a game.

Karaku is believed as a bit self-centered, and he’s able to relish the experiences he will be able to experience while fighting. For instance, following being attacked by Genya, Karaku was surprised and delighted that someone could cause such harm.

4. Aizetsu

Aizetsu is a sad version that is a sad version of Upper Moon 4 Hantengu. The most depressing, sad, and angry personality is prone to think of all things as depressing. Aizetsu had a calm, calm attitude and calm in the same moment.

He should be more cautious when implementing his strategies and fighting against opponents, which could make for a tough time.

5. Urogi

Urogi is Hantengu’s cheerful personality. Like Karaku Urogi, he believes that fighting against the enemy is nothing more than fun and entertainment. This is the reason he’s often criticized for his nonsensical behavior.

Urogi is also clever and has proven extremely effective against demon Slayers.

6. Zohakuten

Zohakuten is the hate part of Hantengu. Zohakuten is prone to be angry, bitter, and revengeful as Sekido. He believes that the adversaries are evil because they bully him. He is fond of calling his enemies names with disrespect to provoke them into combat with complete anger.

Zohakuten is extremely loyal to Muzan because he has said to Mitsuri that he only listens to the words of Muazan states.

Zohakuten is the smartest and most clever of the Hantengu copies.

Hantengu’s Early Life

In his earlier days, Hantengu was an evil human being. He was guilty of a variety of serious crimes like murder as well as robbing and committing other crimes and did not show even a tiny hint of regret or hesitation.

Even so, the man believes that he’s innocent, which implies that he has an egocentric personality. After being transformed into a demon his personality changed worse, and he’s now an extremely dangerous higher moon of all time.

After eating a large portion of people, Hantengu with a demon appearance declared it was not his fault. Because of his deeds and crimes, he was sentenced to an execution sentence, however, Muzan came and turned Hantengu into the form of a demon. One of the first things Muzan did was murder the prison official who was incarcerated. When the prison official was killed, Hantengu told him that he was going to get punished for the crimes at some point, which turned out to be quite accurate.

Hantengu’s Powers and Abilities

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When we think of what is the demon slayer upper moon 4’s capability, there’s not one. He’s the fourth highest Twelve Kizuki and, due to his powerhouse abilities, is considered the fifth-strongest demon in the realm that is Demon Slayer.

Upper Moon 4’s Blood Demon Art is intriguing since he can create several clones of himself which are as powerful as the other upper moon that we’ve experienced in the show. With their clever strategy and power, Hantengu’s clones were able to take on Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya who are all powerful characters.

Genya said to everyone that it was difficult to take on an opponent like Hantengu since they’d need to search for his main body while being pursued by his powerful duplicates.

Then, when the four clones were merged into one body, Zohakuten, he was in a position to take on Mitsuri Kanroji, one of the most powerful demon slayers, due to her incredible power. After getting the Demon Slayer mark, Mitsuri could barely fight Zohatuken head-to-head. Zohatuken until the other clones were able to locate Hantengu’s primary body. We’ll talk about the abilities of his clone and abilities.

Hantengu’s Abilities

  • Sleepy: Hantengu is one sneaky villain in Demon Slayer. Due to his devious nature, it is clear how easily he was able to get into the village of swordsmiths regardless of the security around it. In the absence of anyone else, Hantengu was able to get into one of the more important demon slayer bases ever. He was able to sneak into the rooms of Muichiro and Tanjiro without even one clue. His ability to remain low-key is so powerful that nobody could even tell that the man is a demon until they looked him in the eyes.
  • Reflexes and Speed: As the fourth uppermoon, Hantengu has otherworldly speeds and reflexes. He was capable of avoiding Muichiro’s Mist breathing and Hinokami Kagura’s method without trying. In his most diminutive form, he’s able to be as quickly as Nezuko.
  • Ability to change the size: As a transformative demon one can alter his size as he pleases. This is why he can cover himself in any place he wishes.
  • Hantengu Demon Art (Emotion manifestation): What do you mean by Hantengu blood demon art? It is said that Hantengu’s Blood Demon Art incorporates him being in a position to express his emotions as well as the most powerful version of himself through his unique personality and skills. The ability is only activated when his head is removed.

Sekido’s Abilities

  • Flesh Manipulation Technique: Sekido can manipulate his flesh into bizarre designs to take on his adversaries.
  • Speed and Reflexes: Sekido has superhuman strength as well as speed and reflexes. He was demonstrated to be able to keep the bullet out of Genya’s shotgun, even before the bullet struck his.
  • Absorption by Biological: Sekido can absorb the bodies of his Clones. He also absorbed the clones of his fellow Clones Karaku Aizetsu and Urogi, to form the most powerful Zohakuten Clone.

Karaku’s Abilities

  • Unbeatable Stamina and Strength: Karaku’s strength and stamina are something that can’t be matched by other counterparts. Karaku was capable of tearing the arms of Nezuko using his own hands and he was able to survive with his head mangled after having been shot with Genya’s gun. Karaku is the ultimate example of strength and brute endurance.
  • The Blood Demon Art (Aerokinesis): This blood demon art allows Karaku to manipulate wind by using his maple leaf Uchiwa. With a simple swing of his Uchiwa to the side, he can cause a devastating windstorm that could destroy an entire structure.

Aizetsu’s Abilities

  • Flesh Manipulation: Like his clones, Aizetsu can transform into anything. He transformed himself into the shape of a leaf Uchiwa to stay alive. The most interesting thing about Aizetsu’s ability to manipulate flesh is that he can make multiple leaves until it’s difficult to distinguish between the different leaves.
  • Blood Demon Art (Spear Projection): Aizetsu uses Spear Projection which allows him to launch an explosive attack at Yari across vast distances.

Urogi’s Abilities

  • Blood Demon Art (Avian Physiology): Capable to replicate the skills of avian species He can also have huge wings that enable him to fly at an extremely fast speed. Talons that are his can easily cut diamonds and this is why this peculiar copy is so powerful.

Zohakuten’s Abilities

  • Blood Demon Art (Menacing Aura): It is the most powerful replica, his mere presence can make enemies flee. Tanjiro took a deep breath and felt a great deal of pain in his chest just by looking.

Urami’s Abilities

  • The Blood Demon Art (Size Manipulation): Urami can change the size of his body at the touch of a button. This was demonstrated when he grew in size to the size of his Hantengu inside his heart.

Who killed Hantengu?

Lower Moon Four Hantengu’s murder was atypical as Tanjiro defeated the six replicas which contained Hantengu’s soul. Tanjiro cut off Hantengu’s shrunken body and then instantly killed him by cutting off his head with a single blow. Hantengu was quite quick and was trying to escape away from Tanjiro but Tanjiro was forced to resort to Thunder Breathing to keep up with Hantengu.

In the end, Upper Moon 4.’s demise was a moment all Demon Slayer fans will remember. The spectacle was fascinating to watch.

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