10 Best Anime About The Joys Of Parenthood

Raising another person from the ground up might be one of life’s greatest challenges, and any parent would be happy to confirm that fact. After all, having a child is a lifelong commitment fraught with unexpected difficulties, frustrations, and challenges. Nevertheless, parenthood is also an indescribable joy, adjoined with the pleasure of watching a part of oneself grow and mature.

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Being a parent is a tremendously rewarding and fulfilling experience, and the media often refers to portraying the joys of raising kids. Familiar issues are a common subject of anime series, be it tense dramas or lighthearted slice-of-life shows. Yet, these series are particularly tasked with exploring the bright side of raising children, portraying all the joys parenthood brings.

10/10 Bunny Drop Shows How A Child Can Improve Your Life

Sometimes, even people who never saw themselves as parents find endless joy in caring for a child. And that is what happened to Daikichi Kawachi, a 30-year-old bachelor whose life was permanently altered after taking in his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter, Rin.

The protagonists of Bunny Drop aren’t technically a father-and-child duo. However, Daikichi faces the same trials and tribulations as any parent would. Even if things get difficult for Daikichi, he refuses to give up, as the unexpected fulfillment of parenthood makes it all worth it.

9/10 School Babysitters Focuses On The Unexpected Aspects Of Working With Kids

Ryuuichi Kashima from School Babysitters isn’t technically a parent to any children. However, he cares for an entire herd of toddlers with vibrant, energetic personalities.

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After Ryuuichi lost his parents in a fatal plane crash, he was left alone with his timid little brother, Kotarou. In exchange for a roof over their head and decent education, Ryuuichi enrolls in the babysitter’s club at the local academy, suddenly acting as a guardian to a group of adorable toddlers. Working with kids proves much more difficult than Ryuuichi expected. Nevertheless, he also realizes the unforeseen delights of raising children as a part of his job.

8/10 Kakushigoto Follows A Father Who Tries To Protect His Daughter From His Notoriety

The bond between Kakushigoto’s protagonist, Kakushi Gotou, and his adorable daughter, Hime, is full of sweet and delightful moments. However, Kakushi must never let his guard down; he’s dedicated to protecting his precious child from uncovering his shameful secret.

Kakushi Gotou is not just a loving father; he is infamous as a renowned erotic manga artist. While Kakushi’s paranoia strains his relationship with Hime, to a degree, he acts in his child’s best interests, protecting his girl’s innocence. As a single father, Kakushi is willing to do whatever it takes to make Hime happy.

7/10 If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat A Demon Lord Is An Unusual Mix Of Fantasy & Slice-Of-Life

No show portrays the joys of parenthood as cutesily as If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord, a fluffy fantasy tale of an adventurer and his adoptive demon kid. The respected teen traveler Dale Reki never expected to have children so young, yet, during a regular monster hunt, he comes across Latina, a lonesome and scared demon girl dressed in rags.

Dale’s heart melts at Latina’s sight, urging him to take the girl. Becoming a parent brings unexpected light into Dale’s life, opening his eyes to the unforeseen delights of being a father.

6/10 Kurenai Shows How Much Thoughtful Guardians Transform Their Underlings

Kurenai’s protagonist, Shinkurou Kurenai, may seem like an ordinary 16-year-old student. However, he has a secret occupation: dabbling in conflict mediation and personal security. Shinkurou’s latest job involves him becoming a personal bodyguard to Murasaki Kuhouin, a young heir of an obscenely wealthy family.

Even if it takes a while for the pretentious young lady to adjust to a commoner’s lifestyle, Murasaki eventually grows accustomed to her circumstances and becomes attached to her new caretaker. Shinkurou and Murasaki form an unorthodox duo, yet, the boy gladly accepts parental guidance over the girl, learning a lot about adulthood.

5/10 Poco’s Udon World Is A Delightful Trip Down Memory Lane

The way one was brought up has a tremendous effect on their future parenting style, and Poco’s Udon World acknowledges the role familial memories play in people’s adult lives. Tired from Tokyo’s relentlessness, Souta Tawara takes a trip back to his small hometown and revisits his abandoned family-owned udon restaurant.

Unexpectedly, Souta stumbles upon a shapeshifting tanuki child in the establishment. Naming the kid Poko, Souta grows attached to his new friend, eventually taking the child in. Raising Poko brings Souta’s long-forgotten childhood memories to the surface as he navigates through his uncomfortable past and promising future as a parent.

4/10 Generations Come Together In Alice & Zoroku

Alice & Zoroku is an unusual tale of a found family. The series follows the unpredictable adventures of Sana, a sheltered kid with supernatural powers, and Zoroku, a stubborn older man with a big heart.

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On the run from the authorities, Sana accidentally drags the grumpy grandpa into her shenanigans, leading to the formation of their unlikely duo. Eventually, Zoroku fails to keep himself out of trouble, taking the poor girl in and bonding with Sana despite their differences. On the other hand, the girl finds a loving and supportive family she never had before in her guardian.

3/10 Mama Loves The Poyopoyo-Saurus Is A Guide To The Good, The Bad &The Ugly Of Parenthood

Many parenting anime like to present family life as an endlessly blissful experience, concealing its ugly sides from the viewers. However, Mama Loves the Poyopoyo-Saurus openly admits that the gratification of parenthood has a price, and having kids is no walk in the park.

Miki and Gendai are a young married couple struggling to raise their dynamic toddlers, Hyoga and Jura. Staying calm while dealing with restless children isn’t easy, and parenthood takes its toll on Miki and her husband. Nevertheless, the couple pushes through, realizing that the joy of seeing their children smile is worth the trouble.

2/10 Food Is The Love Language Of Sweetness & Lightning’s Protagonists

The heartwarming tale of Sweetness & Lightning begins with a tragedy, as Kouhei Inuzuka settles into the role of a single father after his wife’s passing. Kouhei is frustrated with his inability to provide his little girl, Tsumugi, with nutritious homemade meals.

Kouhei decides to improve his culinary skills with the help of one of his students, Kotori Iida. Sweetness & Lightning is a charming story of a loving father trying his hardest to brighten his daughter’s life by returning value to the comforting meaning of food and cooking.

1/10 Spy X Family’s Characters Never Expected To Fall In Love With Family Life

Spy x Family’s protagonists are far from being a typical loving ménage. After all, the Forgers got together for purely selfish reasons, with the head of the household, Loid, being an undercover spy, his fake wife, Yor, concealing her assassin identity, and their adoptive daughter, Anya, hiding her ability to read minds.

However, Anya’s parents took the challenge of raising her seriously. And even if the Forger heir fails to meet all of her parents’ expectations, the genuine joy of seeing her succeed is enough for Loid, Yor, and the audience to feel bliss.

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