10 Best Talking Animals In Anime

Animals in anime are some of the cuddliest, adorable, and most talkative. Talking animal anime characters range from adorably hilarious to absolutely terrifying. These animals can be protagonists or antagonists. Yet they all have the ability to converse in human languages.

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Some of these talking animals are protagonists of their own shows filled with talking creatures. Meanwhile, others are snarky side characters used for comedic relief. These characters are different species and have differing personalities. Yet, audiences agree that these loquacious animals are some of the best.

10/10 Juli Protects Ema

Brothers Conflict

Juli is Ema Hinata’s pet squirrel from Brothers Conflict. Juli sees it as his job to protect Ema at all costs – especially from her thirteen new stepbrothers.

Juli is hot-headed and anxious but truly loves Ema. Ema also is the only one who seems capable of conversing with Juli. Regardless, Juli’s affection and sense of protection for Ema make him one of the best talking animals.

9/10 Kyubey Makes Sweeping Promises

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Kyubey is a friendly-looking, cat-like creature from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Though he seems benevolent at first, offering to grant wishes, he is truly cold and calculating. Kyubey’s goal is to extract energy from the girls to feed himself.

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Though Kyubey’a mouth does not move, the creature can still communicate human languages through telepathy. This makes it convenient for him to give the girls warnings about when witches are nearby. Although Kyubey is sinister, he is also one of the most intriguing talking animals.

8/10 Monokuma Loves To Talk

Danganronpa: The Animation

Monokuma is the dastardly robot bear from Danganronpa: The Animation. Monokuma is the vessel of the mastermind for the Hope’s Peak Killing Game. He also runs the Class Trials and carries out executions after each murder. Despite his villainy, many fans cannot help but love Monokuma’s charismatic, if evil antics.

Monokuma loves to hear the sound of his own voice and will drone on if he is talking about himself. However, he becomes impatient if the Class Trials take longer than he deems necessary. Monokuma also likes to insult others at their weakest moments, and always has a joke at the ready. He may be an evil robot bear, but audiences cannot help but love this antagonist.

7/10 Happy Embodies His Name

Fairy Tail

Happy is an exceed from another dimension in Fairy Tail. Happy spends his days in the company of magical humans – fighting evil forces. Happy is a happy-go-lucky character who loves to help out his friends.

He is especially close to Natsu Dragneel whom he has been with since birth. Happy also has a surprising breadth of knowledge for someone who is not from the same dimension. Despite this, Happy is a friendly character whom audiences love.

6/10 Fenneko Has A Great Laugh


Fenneko is an accountant for Carrier Man Trading in the Netflix show, Aggretsuko. She is a diligent worker, but never offers to take on extra work. Although her life is rather mundane, Fenneko’s favorite pastime is scrolling through the apps to spy on her friends and coworkers. Fenneko doesn’t seem to be looking for a relationship, but she has a vested interest in finding a mate for Retsuko

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Being the middle friend, Fenneko has known for years how Haida feels about Retsuko, while Retsuko complains about being unattached. With Fenneko’s scheming, Retsuko and Haida eventually find each other. Fans love Fenneko for her strategic meddling in others’ love lives, and her infectious, but deadpan laugh.

5/10 Legoshi Fights For Others


Legoshi is a teenage grey wolf from Beastars. He is shy, but on purpose, so he appears non-threatening to his friends. Even so, Legoshi is a just wolf who feels strongly when others are wronged.

Legoshi often feels conflicted about his abilities and appetites as a wolf and works to suppress and remold them into something more useful. He has a strong sense of dedication, and his loyalty is only matched by his love for Haru. Legoshi is a brave and respectful teen, who would do anything for anyone – no matter what they think of him.

4/10 Panda Is A Lovable Fighter

Jujutsu Kaisen

Panda is not technically a real animal, but a Cursed Corpse in the anime, Jujutsu Kaisen. Regardless, there is no denying Panda’s charm and proficiency in combat.

As a Cursed Corpse, Panda is strong and can get even stronger by evoking power from his Cursed Corpse Cores. This allows him to access their abilities in addition to his own. Panda is also a tactical fighter, and easily assesses situations, no matter the circumstances. Panda is friendly and lovable, and one of the brightest students at Jujutsu High.

3/10 Tony Tony Chopper Is A Physician

One Piece

Tony Tony Chopper is the Straw Hat Pirates’ doctor in One Piece. Once a regular reindeer, Tony Tony Chopper ate a Devil Fruit that gave him the ability to become part human. Thanks to this ability, he is now one of the senior officers of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.

Tony Tony Chopper has a child-like quality that endears him to fans. However, it also makes him incredibly shy. Even so, Tony Tony Chopper is an indispensable member of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and one of the best talking animals in anime.

2/10 Luna Is Usagi Tsukino’s Protector

Sailor Moon

Luna is Queen Serenity’s advisor from Sailor Moon. Though she is a cat, Luna guards Usagi Tsukino until she remembers her past identity. She also routinely helps the Sailor Scouts out of many scrapes.

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Luna tends to be very mothering, but it is only out of love and duty that she keeps a close watch on Usagi as she realizes her true potential. Luna is a great ally and a great friend to have in times of trouble.

1/10 Meowth Taught Himself To Speak


Meowth is the only one of two known talking Pokémon from the original Pokémon series. When a female Meowth he likes mentions her preference for humans, Meowth does everything in his power to become more human. He learns how to walk on two legs, and eventually, how to speak.

Though his efforts still came up short in wooing his crush, Meowth eventually joins Team Rocket and becomes Jessie and James’ companion. Meowth prides himself on being the smartest of the three, but in reality, they are all fairly equal. Though he is technically a villain, Meowth prioritizes Pokémon’s needs and even champions them in certain situations. Meowth is a lovable villainous talking cat who audiences adore.

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