10 Coolest Anime Fantasy Worlds Everyone Wants to Visit

Anime, a type of Japanese film and television animation, has captivated audiences far beyond Japan’s shores. With its signature art style and animation, along with common tropes and themes throughout the genre, anime has made a lasting impression upon cultures and entertainment throughout the world.

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Everyone who has watched their favorite anime series or film has imagined themselves within the enthralling world the animators and artists had designed for their work. Whether it be beautiful landscapes, worlds filled to the brim with magic, or being granted incredible superhuman powers, if given the chance any fan of anime would want a chance to visit their favorite anime world.



Set in a world of ninjas who can tap into ‘chakra’ to perform magical abilities and fighting techniques called ‘jutsus,’ the anime Naruto follows the titular character Naruto as he learns how to become a master ninja and eventually his town’s leader, the Hokage.

Visiting this world would be to enter into a land where magic exists, just with a different name. To be able to perform your own jutsus – making clones of yourself, spitting out fireballs, and creating powerful illusions – are compelling reasons to want to visit Naruto’s world. Being able to summon a tracker dog who is both helpful and adorable is just icing on the cake.

‘My Hero Academia’

The anime My Hero Academia takes place in a world similar to our own, but there’s a catch. Roughly 80% of humanity possess a ‘quirk,’ or an ability granting the person a superhuman ability. This quirk can be as mundane as levitating small objects to as incredible as controlling fire and ice.

Visiting this world and receiving your own quirk would make the trip worthwhile. Imagine having a helpful quirk to use during the drudgery of life, or becoming a superhero with a powerful ability. There are also some incredible battles to witness, both at the school and in real life. It would also mean having to deal with supervillains on a regular basis, but no one would have to fear if All-Might and the rest of the My Hero Academia heroes were there to save the day!

‘Dragon Ball Z’

An anime classic, Dragon Ball Z and its predecessor Dragon Ball take place in an alternative earth, where anthropomorphic animals coexist with humans, aliens come and go from earth, and seven magical dragon balls can be brought together to grant wishes. The series follows Goku, an alien-born fighter who has made Earth his home, as he learns martial arts while gaining incredible abilities such as flight and teleportation, not to mention super strength.

On a vacation visit in this world of Dragon Ball Z, there would be a lot to take in. Sparring matches between humans and powerful, godlike aliens, learning to fly by mastering your inner ki, and even talking animals to befriend.


Ah, Pokémon. For many, their childhood and Pokémon go hand in hand. Not only was the video game a global hit, but its companion anime was as well. Bringing the video game to life, the Pokémon anime gave viewers a look into the Pokémon world, and what it might be like to have your own magical creature to battle and befriend.

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What makes this world so enticing to visit is the Pokémon themselves! Being able to raise, train, and collect hundreds of magical animals who can become your best friends is reason enough to visit. Sure, a pet dog or cat is fine, but what about a dragon to fly you to work, or a gigantic sea creature to travel across the ocean with? It would be impossible to visit the world of Pokémon and not be instantly spellbound with the charm of its world.

‘Fairy Tail’

Set mainly in the Kingdom of Fiore in the world of Earthland, Fairy Tail centers around Lucy and her friends as they journey on quests filled with magic and mystery. Here, magic-users are members of guilds, teammates who work together to fulfill magical contracts or missions. Each member of the guild possesses an incredible form of magic, whether it be controlling ice, summoning magical entities to fight for you, or having the powers of a dragon. With a sequel series in the works, there will be even more incredible things to witness.

The first thing to do when visiting this anime world would be to find a form of magic that fits your style, and join a guild that matches your personality. Controlling your own magical powers and spells is tempting in and of itself, but the true staying power for the Fairy Tail world would be the incredible friendships to make at a magic guild.

The world of Fullmetal Alchemist may not be for the faint of heart. The main country in the anime, Amestris, is a nation that is consistently plagued by war and strife. However, there is a special magic, called alchemy, that every human is capable of using. With the law of equivalent exchange, alchemists are able to manipulate and control the world around them. The main protagonists in the anime, Edward and Alphonse, use alchemy to battle evil and serve their military, all the while going on quests to restore their bodies from an alchemical accident.

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The biggest enticement is obviously the potential to use alchemy. In the show, alchemists can fix broken objects, manipulate the elements, and create explosive attacks against enemies. But be warned: as previously mentioned, the law of equivalent exchange means that for every action, an equal price must be paid. For instance, if attempting to resurrect the dead, remember the equivalent price for a life.

‘Cowboy Bebop’

Bounty hunters, spaceships, and interplanetary travel. Cowboy Bebop has everything a sci-fi junkie with a taste for adventure could ask for. Set in the near future after humanity has colonized our solar system, the anime follows the duo Spike and Jet as they traverse the stars as bounty hunters. Along the way, the viewer is able to glimpse what life is like on the different terraformed planets, warts and all.

The first thing to do when visiting this anime world would be to either buy or hitch a ride on the various spacecrafts circling the solar system, and get a glimpse at all the newest gadgets humans have invented. The cities upon each planet and their surrounding moons are beautiful sites to behold. It is recommended that any new space travelers proceed with caution in the shady underbellies of each city, as the anime shows that the future is not the utopia we may hope for. But this futuristic world is a must-see for anyone wishing to travel beyond our own blue marble.

‘Kiki’s Delivery Service’

Mainly set within the beautiful seaside city of Koriko, the anime film Kiki’s Delivery Service follows a young witch-in-training working at a bakery within the city. Now an uncommon sight, the witch must maneuver her way through her training while also making a name for herself within the city.

The first thing a visitor into this anime movie would see is the sheer beauty of the city. Nestled within a bay, the city Kiki calls home is filled with gorgeous sights and stunning scenery. The main draw to visiting this anime would be to vacation in a home overlooking the water, and enjoy the delicious bread and desserts at the bakery where Kiki works. Magic does also exist in this world, although the rules are never explained. It might be hereditary, but even so, the magic of the beauty of the city itself is more than enough to bring in a visitor on vacation.


Following an embarrassing death by the main character, Kazuma Satō, he finds himself able to be reincarnated into another, magical world. This world follows the rules of an RPG game, wherein characters are able to level up and have special abilities with a magical ‘point and skill’ card.

This is a world of danger, but also incredible magic. Nearly every ability imaginable is available, whether someone wishes to be a magician, warrior, or thief. Traveling to the world in Konosuba would be best for people who wanted a fresh start, or any major fans of anime and Role-Playing Games.

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’

A Nickelodeon classic, many Millennials will remember Avatar: The Last Airbender. In a world where certain people possess the ability to manipulate air, water, earth, or fire, Aang, the Avatar, controller of all four elements, journeys on a quest to master all and take on the evil Fire Lord. Along the way, viewers of this show get a chance to see the incredible sights of this world as well as the amazing powers ‘benders’ have. With a live-action remake right around the corner as well, viewers could witness how real people would bend and live in the Avatar world.

Some may argue this isn’t technically an anime, but it certainly checks off enough boxes to be labeled as one. While visiting this world, one could see the amazing walls of Ba Sing Se city, the icy capital of the Northern Water Tribe, or any of the four incredible Air Nomad Temples. Journeying to this world might even make you fortunate enough to become a bender yourself, gaining control of one of the four elements. The world of Avatar would definitely be a place to not miss.


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